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    Default Performance Muffler

    I would like to get a little more performance from a muffler. Currently, the truck has the oem muffler. What oem replacement muffler is out in the market that would give me a little more hp? Any thoughts?
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    The majority of performance you'll get from a muffler will be "aural" performance. Dont expect a huge surge of power from your truck with a new muffler.
    This doesnt mean their arent gains to be had from a new muffler. While definately improving the sound of your truck over the oem muffler an aftermarket muffler can improve fuel mileage (avererage is 1-3mpg) and you may feel a little more pick-up at highway speeds.
    I've always used Flow Masters (I have full length dual pipes, a cross over and 40's on my B/B Suburban). Dyna Max mufflers sound good on GM small blocks as do Aero Flows or Aero Turbines.
    IMO Small block engines sound and run best with full length dual 2" exhausts with a cross over and dual 3 chamber mufflers.
    You can also use glass packs (I've never personally liked the sound of glass packs but the decision is each individuals).

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    Default Performance Muffler

    I am not interested in a big sound. My interest is in getting a bit more performance. Flowmaster does not have an oem performance replacement for my truck. Any others out there?

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    I'm kinda old school but I like to pick out a muffler I like then take it to my Favourite exhaust guy in town a do it all custom, collector to tail pipe. IMO it's more fun and more rewarding. I can help make decisions with him as to routing and muffler location. Oh and my favourite picking out a wicked 2' buy 3" tip and weld it on. (Sweet lookin')
    Just another viable option for ya.....

    BTW Tim is right, In the past I've found that small blocks run better choked up just a tad, To big makes it run the opposite in performance
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    Most manufacturers advertising a specific muffler for a model vehicle usually sell it as part of a full exhaust system. The other two companies I listed (Aero Turbine, Aero Flow) also sell mufflers that'll fit your truck they can be found at Midas Muffler shops.

    Almost any muffler will fit your truck, mufflers are pretty much universal. What fits your truck is a 2" inlet, 2" outlet. Configuration, i.e inlet and outlet at opposite ends or the same ends, length, and # chambers depend on how you want to run the pipes.
    I'm like Jaime I buy the muffler then get with a reputable exhaust shop to design how It should run.
    When talking OEM replacement performance mufflers you'll probably have a hard time finding one to fit right in the stock spot. Oem mufflers are normally very long and big around, they take-up a lot of space. Most replacement mufflers are shorter and smaller around. Unless you use the OEM muffler specific to your truck you'll have to have some pipe work done also.

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