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    Default Parking brake help

    I took my truck to the shop to get new brakes all the way around, a full job. I got back home and realized my parking brake no longer holds. There is tension on the pedal so how do I fix it and make it hold?

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    I have similar problem on my '98 Silverado. Sounds like you ought to take it back to the shop that did the brake job and make them fix it? Otherwise, probably an adjustment is needed at the rear drums or discs.... depending on what you have. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to do this right now. There is another adjustment point under the frame in front of the rear wheels (depending on year, model) but I'd bet that is not where your problem is. Good luck.

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    Assuming they did the brakes correctly, you can either adjust the brake slack via a hole in the back of the drum plate until the drum spins for a second and stops, or brake hard in reverse a bunch of times. On most Chevy trucks with rear drum brakes, they are self adjusting every time you brake in reverse.
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    Well I'm assuming you have a rear disk setup. If they put new rotors on they obviously did not adjust the e brake shoes. It's an easy fix but your mechanic should fix for free due to the fact they did work on the rear brakes, period. That was what you paid for, right. If you want to attemt yourself just pull your calipers and rotors and depending on what side it is the adjuster will be on the top or bottom. Just grab a screwdriver or small prybar and spin the adjuster in small amounts. After a little adjustment throw your rotor back on and check. i adjust mine until you can barely hear them drag on the inside of the rotor, just barely.
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