So I have searched the Internet extensively, and can only find decriptions of the TPMS "re-learn" procedure...I have done all that. So here's what I have: '08 Suburban, 54K miles (out of warranty). After sitting at the airport for a week...the TPMS light is ON...but no accompanying message indicating which tire is low. All tire pressures measured 30psi...all tires pressures show 29psi to 30psi on dash readout. All tire prssures are responding to increases and decreases in pressure...I raised/lowered each tire to check this. I have "successfully" done the re-learn procedure (twice)...meaning I get a horn beep after deflating each tire and the 2 beeps at the last tire. Then I lowered all of the tires to ~ 5psi and brought them back up to 30psi one at a time. Note that while all tires were at ~5psi, the TPMS light was ON along with an indication for each of the 4 tires. As I pressured each tire up...the light remained ON, but that particular tire did NOT show up on the message....meaning that IF a tire has low pressure...the TPMS sensor was detecting it, sending it the computer, and the computer was displaying the waring....correct operation. However, when I had all 4 tires pressured up to 30psi...I had no indication of a low tire...which is correct...BUT...the TPMS light remained ON.

It seems to me that: (1) the TPMS sensors are all working fine. (2) the computer is receiving and displaying the proper pressures on the dash. (3) the computer is properly monitoring the pressures and displaying a message when a pressure is out of range. The problem is that the light is not responding at is ON all the time. It's like the light has gotten locked ON by the computer, and needs to be reset. Is there a way to reset the light?