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here is my 2 cents, as a fellow Minnesotan I have had my fair share of AT tires, first off I HATED BFG ATs, absolutly no traction in the winter for my suburban, so i bought a set of Dunlop Maxx Traction Mud Rovers!! Yes, mud tires, by far the best truck tire I have EVER owned, cheaper then everything I looked at as well. Now being a mudd tire they are alittle loud on the hwy and are very good in the winter too. this will be my third winter with these tires on and they still have great tread depth. i switched them over to my pickup as they where a little to harsh a ride for my little ones (2,1 and another on the way). But even on a my pickup and NO extra weight in the bed the still perform flawlessly!! I paid 165 a tire (285/75/16 E load 10 ply)

I agree. I too run a mud tire. It's great for the deep powdery stuff. However in hard pack and ice they suck. I moved to Oklahoma recently and we get a lot of black ice and not so much powder, so I'm looking at switching to an a/t, possibly bfg ta/ko or nitto terra grapplers as I've heard they offer decent traction for not being a dedicated winter tire.