Hi there,

My name's Jon, and I don't currently own a truck, but am shopping. I'm getting back into car racing after giving it up for about 8 years to raise kids. I'm racing a first gen RX-7, but am looking for another class. I need the truck to tow an Interstate 24' x 8' race trailer that I have. It's nice... I'm also into high end (but not too expensive) home audio and I work in the semiconductor industry. I've been know to play a few PC video games in my spare time (usually way too late at night).

I have a few cars...

Mazda 2001 Tribute
Mazda 2006 Mazdaspeed6
Mazda 1991 RX-7 Turbo
Mazda 1991 RX-7 N/Turbo
Mazda 1992 Miata
Mazda 1983 RX-7 12A NASA E-2 Enduro spec (race car)
1983 Renault Alliance 1.4 RenaultCup spec (old race car)
Toyota 2006 Sienna Limited AWD for the wife and kids

Recently sold a 2005/6 2500HD crew cab long bed with 8.1 for a family member. It's an insanely good tow vehicle, but it way too big for me..