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Thread: 2012 Election

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    Santa came early to GMTC! I for one am thrilled. Now the only think we have to worry about is will he go and read all the trash we talked while he was gone? Things could get a little rowdy. LOL
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    i think we did more mud slinging at stephan than obama has done towards bush since hes been in office!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtsjj View Post
    i think we did more mud slinging at stephan than obama has done towards bush since hes been in office!!
    Well he's been back on since Friday night and he hasnt denied any connection between him and Miss Pelosi!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caddiac View Post
    Get me a shovel, we need Reagan again!!!!!
    Zombie Reagan, dreadful thought. Scary thing is he'd do a better job. Forgive my humor, may he rest in peace!
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    good discussion

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    I will get you a shovel as long as Reagan agrees to reverse the immigration mistake he made. Other than that I think he was the best president we had. But I will say Bill Clinton did somehow get us out of debt.
    So maybe Ron and Bill can help clean up the pond scum currently being leveled on the white house
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    Time to revitalize this thread! It's getting close! I have to say, as much as I don't believe Obama is a natural leader, he has my vote. Neither candidate is very strong but the on thing I have to stay true to is wanting the middle class to thrive, Romney is NOT for that unfortunately. Another part is, yes, I am in a union, Ryan is a union buster. The decline of our economy is in direct parallel to the decline of unions. I'm not saying all unions are good, I am saying a properly run union is the best thing for the middle class tradesmen. So many people misunderstand unions or have a bad taste in their mouth from what happened in Detroit :(.

    Anyways let's hear those opinions!!

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    I am think the government needs to be smaller. With that said there is no need for unions in today's work place. With OSHA and the other gov't agencies that are there to protect the worker the union has out lived it's usefullness. I lived in the northeastern part of PA and was really awoken to the "issues" with unions. Many people who work in them in my experience abuse it. If a contractor was brought in to do work and they weren't a card carrying member of the union than many greivences (sp) were filed. The people that filed had no idea how to complete the job the contractor was called in to do but he saw a way to get money. That is one instance that I have personally seen. I have been in many a conversation with union members about this exact topic and have never had a person show me a positive to the union.
    Now onto the original topic. With the events of the last few days and finding out that Marines were in that area with out live ammo makes my blood boil. (Yes I know it is up to the ambasadors whether or not they carry live loads or not) With the anniversary of 9-11 the President should have made sure that the Embassies and Consulates were prepared. There are many things that I have seen the person that holds the office do or not do that I have seen enough of a body of work to say it is time for him to go.

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    If we want a political forum we can create one that's password protected, but I think these types of threads should be few and far between.

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