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    Default Running very rich

    hey guys, my 94 is running really rich., I think it is, i may be wrong, but here are the 'symptons'
    -sounds like a v8 powered leaf blower
    -smells like gas in the air when i park it and get out
    -runs very cool in all seasons, the engine never peaks over 125 degrees, even going 60+mph
    -its kind of a gas guzzler, even with no lift, but thats usually normal

    is there any way to make it run less rich? im a n00b when it comes to diagnosing this issue. but im mainly trying to get rid of the gas smell when i get out of it.
    1994 Silverado Z71 1500 4x4
    BF Goodrich 31in All-Terrain Tires
    Painted frame-arms-axle
    Blazer Fog lights
    Removed front splash guard
    Tow hook Chains
    Locking gas cap
    REFLEXXION Rear bumper (Painted black)
    Diamond metal bed caps & Truck Box
    Painted engine bay
    Vinyl Flooring
    Bed insert
    Blistein Shock absorbers
    BOSS bluetooth LCD Radio
    Platinum trucker CB antenna
    Midland 5001z CB Radio
    XO backup camera
    X-press Remote entry-alarm
    CUSTOM metal gas & brake pedal
    Highland fold-away bed cleats
    Race thermostat

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    Check the thermostat.. that it has a 195 degree... If engine is not getting to running temp ecm still adding fuel for warm up.
    Temp sensor not giving right signal ecm Do you have a cel . maybe 02 sensor.

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    If your never getting to operating temperature, then the vehicle is staying in open loop which as stated before will continue to feed gas even if not needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRPLXL2 View Post
    If your never getting to operating temperature, then the vehicle is staying in open loop which as stated before will continue to feed gas even if not needed.
    I've been running mine with my scanner connected lately, to try and learn it's "baseline" for future, anyway I've been noticing that it doesn't change from open loop to closed loop till about 140 Deg F.
    So Shadow if you arent' getting up to that temp at a minimum you will run rich.
    Like the others have said, check your thermostat and temp sensor.

    When you turn the truck off after a long run, if you open the hood and check the radiator hoses, are they hot and firm as if under pressure? If not would be a indication of a stuck open thermostat.

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    Thanks for the replies all. It has always ran this cool, me and my dad were driving a few months ago when the thermostat crapped out on us and the engine was running around 300 degrees. We replaced the thermostat with a race thermostat that is real time temp display, still never peaks over 120. One thing i havent checked is the temp sensor, which i will do tommorow and let yall know. Thanks again for the help!

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