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Thread: 4wd Service

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    Default 4wd Service

    Hi! I'm sorry about my english, I'm from Catalunya in Europe, and I don't speak it very well.

    We have a Tahoe 2003 and it shows the message "4WD Service" sometimes, also the light "neutral" on the traction buttons apears ON, and all-traction doesn't run.

    now it has 60k miles,
    what can it be? In my region/province there are only Opel/GM Services, and don't know so much american cars, only european, maybe I can help them with your info.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Interesting problem. It's only the geography, not the language that is the challenge. The lights are indicators of a fault in the 4wd system. CCE (Cadillac, Corvette of Europe) is umbrella organization for GM sales. They have a dealer locater that should help.

    CCE Dealer Locator

    The authorized repair shop should be able to read the DTC codes and start you in the right direction for repairs.

    Davandy may chime in and have better info.
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    Catalunya is like a 1000 mile drive for Me so it's not in the neighborhood
    I did a search on Google but no GM Dealers in Catalunya.
    This is going to be difficult maybe there is one in Barcelona?
    The other option is that you order an OBDII reader on the internet and read the codes yourself.
    Peter Smet
    Haasdonk, Belgium

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    You can try at these adresses in BArcelona, gerona, Lleida and andorra, they should be able to help you:

    Romagosa y Compañía, S.A.
    Padilla, 318
    E - 08025 Barcelona
    Tel: 00 34-93 4566300 / Fax: 0034-93 3480324

    Romagosa y Compañía, S.A.
    Via Augusta 260
    E - 08017 Barcelona
    Tel: 00 34-93 2098502 / Fax: 00 34-93 4141561

    Automobils Bertrán. S.L.
    C/ Prat de la Riba 19 Apartado 168
    E - 08400 Granollers
    Tel: 00 34- 938494133 / Fax: 00 34- 938796166


    Arespa Motors Girona S.A.
    Calle Barcelona 164
    E - 17005 Girona
    Tel: 00 34-9722 15124 / Fax: 00 34-9722 19020

    Cadillac corvette service
    C/ Bisbe Irurita 15
    E - 25006 Lleida
    Tel: 00 34-973 282569 / Fax: 00 34-973 281842

    Autocenter Principat S.A.
    Prat de la Crue 51
    AND - Andorra La Vella
    Tel: 00 376-809 199 / Fax: 00 376-829 435
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    thanks a lot! I will check in one of this services, I live next to Lleida, then there are one at 15 miles from my house.

    "I begin to think in miles and gallons instead of kilometers and litres" this may me chevrolization?

    thank you very much, only one more question, this VORTEC 5'3 may use transmission belt or chain? I refer to the sistem to move valves

    Catalonia is not Spain

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    It's a chain
    Rhode Island

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    thank you very much! It's a great notice

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