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    Default Getting frustrated with this problem...

    I have a '95 4x4 V6/5 Speed. It starts hard when warm. Starts fine when cold. Driving down the road, sometimes it runs like a raped ape. Other times it stumbles and jerks... like a bad plug wire, only not as bad.

    Here is what I have done so far...

    I disasssembled and cleaned the throttle body, throttle plates, vanes, vacuum ports and replaced the fuel pressure regulator. I cleaned the EGR and replaced the solenoid for that. (It was giving me an EGR code when at highway speed for a while.) the light has not come back on since. I also did Plugs/wires/cap/button/Ignition Control Module/Fuel Filter/PCV Valve. All AC Delco parts (except those that are AC Delco does not offer). Tried a second set of wires. Also AC Delco (You never know about defects...) I can hear the fuel pump when I turn the key on. I have not done fuel pressure/volume test. I am waiting on my adapter to arrive for that. I have checked and re-checked vacuum lines. I replaced the coolant temp sensor.

    Today, I put the second set of wires on it and ran a can of Seafoam through the intake via the brake booster line. it SMOKED like my mother in law! (I also found some exhaust leaks while it was smoking... If you ever want to find an exhaust leak, Seafoam is the way to do it!) After the Seafoam treatment I drove it home, making sure to use plenty of highway so I could run it with my toes in the throttle plates. it seems to have more power and better throttle response, but the problem is not gone and it still hard starts (although not as bad as it did). I noticed that when it starts hesitating, if I nail it to wide open throttle, it seems to stop bucking and power increases. (Remember, this is a manual and not an automatic, so it isn't like it FEELS like more power because of a down shift when I lay in to it.)

    Any ideas?!
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    It seems like you have covered most of the what could be wrong. It seems to me it is a fuel issue. Like a clogged filter or the fuel pump just not putting out enough. But as you said you are waiting on an adapter to check that. I am not sure where the filter is on your ride, but if it is outside of the tank I would pull that while you are waiting on the adapter. Good luck!

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    I did the fuel filter. It is on the frame rail inder the drivers seat. ;)

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    It seems that as soon as the truck comes Jo to operating temp and switches to closed loop, the truck starts running bad. It runs and starts great up to operating temp... Then it goes to crap. Ideas?

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    I was having a similar problem. Ran great until operating temp. Rough idle, hesitation at take off. I changed the egr and egr vacuum solenoid, still the same problem. I was checking the hoses for leaks and discovered that the truck ran great with the egr vacuum hose unplugged. I still dont have a fix for the problem but it runs great except on the interstate the light comes on, but goes off when switched off and back on. I have a small fuel filter in the end of the hose to help filter the air intake. It's running me crazy!

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    I solved the problem. The fuel line had a kink in it beside the fuel tank. I slid the filter forward, stretching the rear line. It runs fine now.

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    Does it start good now too?

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    Yes. It starts right up and runs good. Now I can focus on the cosmetics. Maybe I can have the new seats in this week!

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    NICE! Atleast it was an easy fix, just had to find it

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    I still need to replace the line because it is still somewhat collapsed, but at least I know what it is!

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