My starter -1/2 ton 2wd 1998 Suburban- has been going bad for a long time-3 years maybe.
If it is warm- but I shut it off-wait a few minutes- it will barely crank- wait several hours-cranks ok.
I'm told this is typical for a GM starter failing-something about it getting hot from the motor-resistance going up in a failing part(not sure exactly what part of starter is failing).
My question- my starter has 9 teeth-do I absolutely need a 9 tooth starter-and did all 1998 5.7 1/2 tons come with 9t.

I already screwed up once-got new cheapo eBAY CHINESE STARTER -$59-waited 11 months to install- WRONG STARTER-FLANGE where it goes into motor much too small-too late to return.
There is a lightly used starter on ebay-say 98 suburban-wondering if it will work if wrong # of teeth-seller hasn't gotten back to me yet