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    Default Went to the White House!

    On Wednesday the 14th we went to DC to tour the White House to see the Christmas decorations. It was a spur of the moment trip arranged by a co worker of my Wife who's Father works for the Parks service there. The tour was basically a self guide walkthrough of a pre-determined route through East room, Green room, Blue room, Red room and State dining room. It was a pretty cool experience even for me,(most of you know I'm British!) and I must say the White House looks pretty good since we burned it down in 1814!. My Wife really enjoyed the Christmas decorations, (she saw the tv special on HGTV) so she was up to speed on the various trees and themes and kept us informed, but the highlight for me, and I think all of us, was when we entered the White House we were asked if we would like to go out on the South Lawn and watch the President depart on Marine One, (like we were going to say no!) so we went out and got to see Marine One arrive and touchdown, which is an exercise in precision, and then it sat for 15 -20 minutes idling the whole time(huge waste of fuel, tax dollars) and then President Obama and the First Lady came out, gave us a quick wave and climbed aboard and lifted off. I believe they were headed for FT Bragg although I haven't taken the time to confirm that. The other cool thing was we were allowed to take pictures which I don't think is the norm, just for the Christmas decorations, I even got Marine One on video. All in all a good day, and one you could never plan, we were extremely lucky! It really doesn't matter who the President is at he time, seeing the White House and Marine One was pretty awesome.

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    Here's the Video, I recommend no sound all you hear is turbine whine.

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    White Horse?

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    Awesome pics! and awesome experience, I definitely want to take my family to DC one day...thanks for sharing..

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    great pics and video. what a cool experience.

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    Thanks, I'm still in a little disbelief at how lucky we were, considering the trip was laid on at such short notice. My Wife called me from work last Thursday, the 8th, and said "Hey I need your SS number and your Alien number, we are going to the White House next Tuesday or Wednesday". So we were lucky we went on the Wednesday, lucky we got there an hour early, lucky my Wife's friend was able to come and get us to bring us in early, we were on the list for 10:30, but he took us in at 9:30, all in all everything worked in our favor. People were filing in constantly, but only 4 people behind us were allowed out onto the South Lawn before the Secret Service closed it off, there were only about 100 people out there total.

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    Here is the video of Marine One's arrival. Precision flying and a testament to the strength of my Wife's hairspray!

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    Sorry.... My mind works weird. When I hear or read certain key phrases (there's a lot of 'em), my mind cannot resist but to assosciate it to something else. For the term "White House", my mind jumps to that clip from Armageddon where Harry can't read Bear's writing. As you were.....

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    Adam....Great Pictures-n-Video, thank you for sharing this with the member's.....


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    Looks like a great trip Adam! Nice way to start the Christmas holidays.
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    Look at all that finery on which our tax dollars were spent. But wait, we're broke as a nation ... and Obama acknowledges that people have had to make sacrifices in their own homes and that the government should follow suit. I don't see Obama starting in the White House, do you? It costs >65 million bucks a year to run/maintain that facility and its staff. I know it's Christmas, but as there's already a tree on the lawn we could have saved some taxpayer dollars and not duplicated one inside. Or perhaps saved more dollars by putting a smaller one inside and skipping the one on the lawn (as it had to be trucked cross-country). It makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

    That's my opinion as a taxpayer. I'm not all bah humbug. Rather, I expect politicians' actions to match their words ... something I seldom see and why I am of the opinion they're mostly liars and crooks.
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