Hey All,

I have a 2003 silverado 2500HD which has been converted to right hand drive. My A/C isnt as cold as it should be so was looking into why and all I could come up with is that even with the temp on full cold the heater core is still heating up the air a bit. I checked that the blend door actuators were moving properly on both the left and right controls and that all seems to be working (but dont know if perhaps the seal on the doors is bad)

My question is should there be some kind of heater control valve in the heater hoses that makes the water bypass the heater core when the temp is set to cold? I dont seem to have anything like this in the engine bay. I have currently removed the heater hoses from the firewall connection and joined them together and now my A/C is colder but I have no heater when I need it.

My other issue is that I think when the car has been converted from LHD to RHD the A/C heater box has been cut up and moved around to fit so its not really easy to just remove it and inspect.