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    Then it must be the shifter

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    i had a 00 silvy do the same thing, replaced the shift motor thingy, and it solved it, the gears were not meshing like they were supposed to be. it's worth look at replacing that and see if it solves it. and when you had it apart, how did the keys look? or the Output spline on the trans, was it ok?
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    make sure the dipstick is not up against the firewall it has to be away from it
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    The keys looked fine, the output on the trans also looked fine. I am almost totally convinced now that it has to be the shift motor. I live in washington state so the next day that I get without rain I'm going to put the transfer case back in and not put the shift motor on it and see what happens, if I can drive it around with no problems then I'll replace it. That has to be the problem!

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    Check out this thread, it may be what you are experienceing and is an easy cheap fix.

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    well it sounds almost like what mine is doing expect that when mine does it, the truck won't move at all, no matter what range it is shifted into. Tore the transfer case apart and no broken snap ring, which I thought for sure must be the problem. A lot of other threads talk about the buttons for shifting being faulty but all of them say they get a check 4wd error message and I am getting nothing from the message display. Which leads me to believe that it is mechanical.

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    Ok well went out tonight and put the transfer case back in put everything all back together, hopped in it started her up, put it in gear and NOTHING, surprise surprise. I did install it completely without the shifter on it or even hooked up. I'm totally lost now, the transfer case on the inside was fine, obviously the shifter isn't the problem and yet I still have nothing. Any ideas at all, I did jack the rear end off the ground and with no load on it at all the tires spin, everything works great, but the instant it goes on the ground and has to move something I'm not going anywhere! Maybe tranny??? almost like it's stuck in 4th gear so it doesn't want to move?? no clue... Anyone?

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    Well now that I have had some time to cool off since this is the second time I've pulled the transfer case and reinstalled it to avail, I'm thinking that maybe it's the torque converter staying locked up for some reason, or maybe even a bad shift solenoid. Still trying to figure out the grinding noise. Didn't make any noise at all today though, just wouldn't go anywhere, if you kinda goose the throttle real quick it's almost like something catches and it really wants to go but that's about all I can get out of it, almost like the tranny is slipping and it seems like if it were rolling already and you stayed on the gas it would sort of catch up with itself and just keep on going. I have no idea, maybe I am just missing something inside the transfer case, but the tranny is making a whining noise almost it doesn't have a load on it, and it's just kind of spinning freely. I really wish I could explain it better. Oh, one other thing, when it's in gear and I'm trying to go the driveline isn't spinning at all and the speedo isn't going anywhere either, so the gear inside the transfer case that is right after the input from the transmission isn't spinning, which makes me think I need to look at the tranny, what's weird is that the times when it does just magically work, I have tons of power like nothing in the world is wrong, I have pulled the pan on the tranny and didn't find any big chunks or anything that would make me think that it is the tranny at fault so I'm just guessing that something with the torque converter or something electrical inside the tranny is to blame. It does seem like before all of this happened when you shifted the tranny into gear it made a definite "clunk" to let you know it was in gear now no "clunk" no nothing. I'm really just digging for a answer here and hopefully someone can help!

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    Default Weird...

    Ok so now it gets weird, this morning I pulled the hot rod out of the shop and figured I would tow the truck in to tear it apart again. Just for the hell of it I start it up, put it in gear and hear a grrrrrrr, thunk! Magically it works now, so I'm guessing that I am just missing something in the transfer case. Hell I even pushed my luck and drove it around the block with no problems at all. I've never rebuilt a transfer case before but when I tore into it I couldn't find anything at all that looked like it was worn or broken, possibly the synchro? Maybe someone who has rebuilt one of these things can give me some insight of what I should be looking for. One thing is for sure though I'm getting pretty darn good at pulling the transfer case and putting it back in!!

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    Anyone?? Any Ideas even?? Please...

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