Well quick update on my 2002 (the one I bought from the State Police in NJ)

Front Center JumpSeat:

Bought on ebay the 9th passenger folding jump seat from a sierra pickup, the one with the three cupholders on top and two poppiing out from the back. It has all kinds of compartments, it was pricey ($400, shipped) but perfect and bolted right in. When I pulled seats to install it, found a hollow tipped police bullet, under the passengers seat, under the vinyl, (I guess thats like me dropping frenchfries) I returned bullet to the State Police. This makes the most excellent console, could you get this new with the Suburban?

Third Row Seat:

Thanks to everyone I bought the 3 dogbone metal brackets online from ebay at $30 shipped, and then had them installed after popping the covers in the bed off, that covered the threaded holes. Had the threads cleaned up at the garage with a bigger tap than I had, and popped them in, easy as pie. Found on Craigslist $140, a 2002 Suburban third row seat (Charcoal cloth, vs the Vinyl in my truck). Kids love the warmth back there of the cloth, so I think we will be leaving it as is. (The woman was selling it because her husband took his girlfriend and he down to Florida, and left third seat in her garage...) She was oh so happy to sell it, and stop tripping over it in garage, came with rear cargo net tucked in the folded down seat.

Roof Rack:

Just installed a used Thule Rack (my neighbor was hauling it out to curb) I have the roof rails but not cross bars, he told me "it will never fit" as it came off his Volvo. I loosened upper rails on the suburban and slipped connectors on, and walla.. Very cool, high quality roof rack, basket.

Pioneer Premier head unit and Rockford/Fosgate 4 by 100 amp, with blue tooth, and exterior mike installed. Also it plays Pandora radio, and runs an IPOD as well.. Cool setup, I want to put a sub, has anyone installed a sub in that rear compartment on the drivers side, and if so which one? Hey how is this, for a top end unit, there is no CD player... I guess CD Players are going the way of 8 Tracks.

So what next.. oh a 1k mile roadtrip with 2 adults and 4 teenagers... this will be fun