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    Default Air or Nitrogen in your tires

    I know N2 is being used in tires in many different areas. Some of those are in airplane tires, NASCAR tires and other forms of racing. It is claimed that N2 filled tires are more stable because of the size of the molecules of N2 and all. I just feel as though it is a relatively new thing to use them in personal vehicles. I have stopped into a few tire shops to inquire about how/where they get the N2 from. The comman response is "from the green compressor". So they are pushing something they know little to nothing about. I have seen where tires filled with N2 have rotted out. Now granted this was on military equipment that saw little to no road time. So did they rot out becasue of the use of N2 or just old age? Till I am able to answer that question I will continue to put the good ol american fresh air in my tires.
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    Using: Air
    Reason(s): Availability; air is readily available everywhere, even on holidays and out in the middle of nowhere while on the trail. Nitro fill seems like snake oil to me, so I'll stick to the snake oil that I know works and that I know I can get rather than changing brands.

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    I'm using nitrogen right now, because both my truck and the wifes car came with nitrogen in them.
    Would I pay extra for Nitrogen? No.
    One of my various jobs in the Navy was as a Cryogenics technician, I ran a separating plant on a carrier for 2 yrs, in the middle of a Desert for 6mos, and in Ga. for another 2 yrs. I went to 4 different schools to qualify as a Cryogenic technician learning the make-up of different gasses and liquid Cryogenic compounds, so I know the benefits of Nitrogen vs Air.
    In Military road equipment it's normally used not because of its stable qualitys but because of it's commonality, nitrogen is used to create explosion free enviroments, to purge systems of contaminates and moisture, on Aircraft tires and systems, and since you already have the nitrogen and it works well in tires its used there too.
    Nitrogen has larger molecules that cant escape as easy as air, which is why they leak down less, it carries less moisture, its more stable to temperatures, extreme hot or cold, which is why its used in aircraft tires, and Nitrogen over Hydraulic systems or pressurized systems.
    But when your running anything less than 99.9% pure it doesnt have these qualities and it's just regular old air with a bit more nitrogen content. One other problem with nitrogen is when it's not at least 87% pure it allows more moisture in whatever vessel it's in, the container will sweat on the inside. Once this starts happening the container needs to be purged and the purity level brought back up or you'll start suffering from erratic pressures almost worse than with regular old air.
    My wifes car at present is suffering from this issue, the GM dealer will purge her tires at $20 a tire and replace the nitrogen. Now knowing what I do about nitrogen I know that to purge a vessel it requires a "Hot Purge" the nitrogen must be at least at a constant 85 deg or better, so since the Chevy dealer admitted they dont even know what "Hot Purging" is, and they dont have the proper equipment to do it, all their really going to do is swap my diluted nitrogen for some slightly more pure, not get rid of the contaminates in the tire that are causing the purity breakdown or the moisture in the tire.

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    I was also a cryo tech while in the Marines. I work in an Air Seperation plant now. I was chatting with another member of the forum and this topic came up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloxdaddy99 View Post
    I was also a cryo tech while in the Marines. I work in an Air Seperation plant now. I was chatting with another member of the forum and this topic came up.
    Did you go to school at Cherry Point, Havenot NC?

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    Yes I did from 94-95.

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    I voted air. Like Surrealone said, it's everywhere so that's why I use it.

    I've been hearing about nitrogen in the tires for at least 5 years now. Didn't think it was really that "new". I've seen a few cars with the green caps running around here, but I've never heard of any of the tire stores filling your tires up with nitrogen.
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    Dealer was nice enough to fill tires with $40 nitrogen before parking it on the lot. I guess it helps with the daily and weekly temp. change here but I always kept a check on my tires anyway, the next set will be filled with air

    2012 Silverado

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloxdaddy99 View Post
    Yes I did from 94-95.
    Then we crossed paths without even knowing it, I went to a basics refresher course and Advanced Expeditionary school out there in late 94 prior to deployment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbplus10 View Post
    Then we crossed paths without even knowing it, I went to a basics refresher course and Advanced Expeditionary school out there in late 94 prior to deployment.
    They always said that it was a small community.

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