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    Default Silverado 2500 good first car?

    Hi everyone, I'm 16 and looking for my first car and would really like a Silverado. A friend has a 2500HD Duramax that I love and decided I want one, too. Looking at 2000 - 2003 Silverado 2500 Duramax. 2wd or 4wd, does not really matter. I know diesel is a little more expensive but I have also heard that they get really good gas mileage and last forever. Thanks for your help and advice everyone!

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    You are right, a diesel engine will last forever, it seems the tranny would go before the engine. They also get better fuel mileage, but remember diesel is more expensive than gasoline at the pump. I think the insurance isnt that bad their since its a truck. If you have the money to buy and maintain one I think its great buy. Just dont rush into buying one that looks good, look for a well maintain one or mechanical sound truck and you won't be disappointed.
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    I think as a first car maybe you should look at something a little less expensive (as far as buying it, maintaining it, diesel prices, etc)...just my opinion...

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    If you can afford it! Buy it!! Hands down!

    And get 4 wheel drive! You'll be more of a man

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    At 16 you're not buying a vehicle to last a lifetime; you're buying a vehicle to get you through those first several years of driving inexperience. Diesels are more costly to buy and maintain than gassers, so I recommend a gasser to start with as it'll save you cash that you can use for other things. Also note that you'll pay more for a 2500 just because it's a 2500 in most cases -- unless it's a big gas-guzzling engine someone's trying to sell off because gas costs are killing them at the pump.

    As far as years, I'm a big fan of the 99-06 silvys and sierras, as they are still relatively 'new' for a truck, will run a long time if properly maintained, and aren't decked out with annoyances like TPMS, noisy/knocking cylinder shutdown, etc. They're a lot of truck for the money ... even at today's inflated used truck prices.

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    I don't know about you, but when i was 16, I didn't have a job that could support major mechanical repair costs, so I had to do all my own work. If you can afford it, the 2500 DMAXX is a great truck. Everything from oil changes on up are more costly for diesel powered vehicles (Im not exactly sure the capacity, but my 94 6.5 TD held 11 qrts of oil.) Pretty much all parts are more expensive, and then if there is something wrong you can't handle and you need to take it to the shop, diesel labor is usually more costly per hour.

    My first truck was an 86 Toyota Ext Cab, 4x4 pick-up. 4cyl, 5spd...I beat the ever-loving crap out of that truck, and it kept coming back for more. I'd still be driving that truck 14 years later had the stress of a snow plow not cracked the frame rail. Man, I miss that truck...

    Be weary of deals that seem too good to be true; in most cases, they are...The best thing about my first truck was i drove it more than worked on it..(The 71 camaro in the garage was my project, not my everyday driver)

    Im done rambling...

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    I'm with Surrealone, get a gas engine. Check how often it is recommended to change oil in a diesel, how much oil it requires, and the cost of filters. If you can afford the purchase price and maintenance costs of a 2500 diesel at 16, have at it but you will save $$ and still have a good truck if you go gas.
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    A 7,000 lb. truck is not going to get good mileage, gas or diesel. Figure 14mpg with diesel and may 16mpg with gas if you drive conservatively. With diesel costing 10-15% more at the pumps there is not a savings in fuel costs. You do get more miles per tankful of fuel. You do get a big increase in torque at low RPM's which is great for towing a heavy load.

    A mini truck will provide nearly double the mileage per gallon of gas of a 3/4 ton diesel. A 1/2 ton will provide for most people more than enough towing and load carrying capacity and cost less to buy and provide better mileage, though still in the 18mpg range on average. Difference between 16 and 18 may seem slight but at 18 mpg a tank of gas will take you an extra 60 miles down the road.

    The diesel adds 800 lbs. of weight with the engine and drive train components. 4WD adds another 500 lbs. to the weight of the truck. The extra weight reduced the load carrying capabilities of the truck or what you can carry safely in the bed.

    Raising a truck reduces its ability to stay upright and on the road and like it or not no 16 year old is a great driver who can anticipate problems or appreciate the limitations of their vehicle. End result is a lot more single vehicle accidents where there is only the driver, the vehicle, and the road. Even a stock truck has poor weight distribution and poorer handling than almost any sedan save maybe a Crown Vic. A SUV with airbags would be a better first vehicle for a new driver.

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    I am 16 and I drive a 2004 2500HD gas. My parents gave the truck to me and they still use it to tow our horse trailer so i don't have to worry too much about maintenance, but that thing about filling up the tank.... It is on average at least $60 a week for me to fill it up, and i mainly drive to and from school and work. Even trying to drive efficiently i can only get 11-12mpg maybe 13 when going down a long hill. I wish that I had a 1500 because it is cheaper to fill up and way easier to park. With the 2500 don't plan on any close parking spaces. Just speaking from experience here.

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    I have a 2005 silverado and my username entails, its my first car, i love it. its a great first carm they drive like unimaginable for a truck its so smooth.

    but DO NOT buy a truck that has all the accessories you want right a way, make sure its good clean truck, check oil, and fluids usually first way to see if a trucks been takin care of, second test drive- no freackin radio or talkin to the guy, keep it quiet and listen to the motor for any unusal sounds coming from the engine or transmission. and third, REMEMBER its always better to buy a truck stock then lifted with all this nice sh*t hooked up. stock=better you can find replaced parts for it, and its cheaper to maintain. lifted trucks if something in the suspension goes wrong.. you have to pay an arm to replace it and for tires its going to be more expension becaus youll need a bigger tires(speaking of which dont buy mud tires Unless YOU ARE GOING TO USE THEM!, they wear out fast and youll be buying new tires every year or so. All terrains will do just fine, i have almost 80k on my set of all terrains and i have prob another yr out of em!)

    in the end the stockies are cheaper in the long run, when you get you can do whatever you want to it. but drive it for a yr and see if you really wana make those changes. body lifts, unless done right with enough money spent, will mess up your truck geometry and center of balance, same goes for suspension lift.
    make sure that you dont have to go above like a 35' for tire and lastly i think a 2500HD is too much truck for a beginner, youll be backing into stuff, and hittin curbs alot. buy a truck that can take the beating(obviously not a ford) and wont cost a arm an a leg to fix.

    hope you make a good decision and post pics when you get the truck!

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