From: GreenBiz
General Motors is finding success in transforming unwanted materials into millions of dollars padding its bottom line. The unwanted materials - waste -- ranges from discarded wood pallets to used oil to leftover scrap metals.

The U.S. automaker recently announced its Baltimore manufacturing plant is the company's eighth facility to achieve landfill-free status. Today we'll speak to Ray Tessier, GM's Global Director of Environmental Services, to find out how GM did this, what the company has learned, and how a change like this in corporate mindset can make companies especially manufacturers more competitive.
Follow the link to see how GM annually recycles 510 tons of aluminum, 600 tons of steel, 10 tons of alloy metals, 360 tons of wood pallets, 3 tons of paper, 20 tons of empty totes and drums, 250 tons of used oil, 220 tons of waste water residual and 5,400 tons of returnable packaging.