Before anyone starts going through the roof, this is a short list compared to my years with FORD. This is something I did a little digging to find, I could not find a sticky for TSB's on this forum. This does not mean all of these problems are happening or will happen to your truck. This is just a list of things the dealers have encountered enough to report it and GM took notice.

2011 GMC Truck Sierra 1500 4WD V8-5.3L Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles

TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
10426F APR 11 Recall - Rear Axle Cross Pin Fracture

TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title
03-03-09-002D APR 11 Suspension - Rear Leaf Spring Slap Or Clunk Noise
00-03-10-002F APR 11 Wheels - Chrome Wheel Staining/Pitting/Corrosion
09-08-64-032A APR 11 Body - Chrome Outside Door Handle Loose/Cracked
09-08-110-013A APR 11 Interior - Sun Visor Fails to Stay In Up Position
11-08-111-002 APR 11 Body - Colored Side Mouldings Dull/Discolored/Stained
09-08-50-011A APR 11 Body - Sticking/Binding Door Mounted Seat Switches
10-05-23-001B APR 11 Brakes - Front Brake Induced Pulsation/Vibration
09-03-09-001A APR 11 Suspension - Clunking Noise from Rear Of Vehicle
06-08-64-027I APR 11 Body - LH/RH Outside Rearview Mirror Glass Shake/Flutter
06-08-61-003F APR 11 Body/Frame - Underbody Pop/Clunk When Turning
07-03-10-012D APR 11 Tires/Wheels - Rattle Noise from Wheel Or Hub Cap
03-08-48-006H APR 11 A/C - Window Defroster Contact/Tab Repair Information
08-08-67-006B APR 11 Body - Headliner Wet/Water Leak Into Cab Past Sunroof
07-08-64-019C APR 11 Body - Front Door Window Regulator Squeak Noise
08-08-45-004C APR 11 Electrical - Installation Of Aftermarket Accessories
08-08-48-003F APR 11 Body - Tapping/Clicking/Ticking Noise at Windshield Area
08-08-50-001D APR 11 Interior - Front Seat Cushion Cover Becomes Detached
08-09-41-005B APR 11 Interior - Passenger Air Bag Is Not Flush With Dash
08-08-61-005B MAR 11 Body - Front/Rear Fender Liners Warped/Wavy
06-00-89-031B MAR 11 Engine, A/T - Identification Information
10-08-50-003A MAR 11 Restraints - Driver/Passenger Seat Head Rest Information
07-06-05-001I MAR 11 Exhaust - Muffler Heat Shield Buzz During Operation
11-09-41-002 MAR 11 Restraint System - Air Bag Warning Lamp On Repeat DTC's
99-08-51-007E MAR 11 Wheels/Tires - Refinishing Aluminum Wheels
11-00-90-001 MAR 11 Engine - GM dexos 1 and dexos 2(R) Oil Specifications
10-08-58-001E MAR 11 Interior - Excessive Wind Noise In Interior Of Vehicle
02-07-30-052G MAR 11 A/T - Fluid Oil Cooler Flush
99-08-51-001B MAR 11 Body - Paint-Less Dent Repair Recommendations
11-01-38-001 FEB 11 A/C - Excessive Cabin Moisture/Reduced Window Clearing
06-08-43-003C FEB 11 Glass/Body - Windshield Wiper Performance
09-04-19-002A FEB 11 Drivetrain - Excessive Effort When Shift 2HI to 4HI
10-08-61-001A FEB 11 Body - Body Mount Bolt Stripped or Will Not Loosen
06-08-44-034E FEB 11 Navigation Radio - Various Noises Explained
10-06-01-007C FEB 11 Engine - Valve Lifter Tick Noise At Start Up
10-06-05-003A FEB 11 Exhaust System - Exhaust Leak/Rattle/Rumble/Noises
09-09-40-001A FEB 11 Restraints - Seat Belt Warning Lamp On/Buckling Issues
10-08-42-001B JAN 11 Lighting - Low Beam Headlamp(s) Inoperative
01-08-42-001H JAN 11 Lighting - Exterior Lamp Condensation and Replacement
09-08-66-004A JAN 11 Body - Soft Tonneau Cover Appears Loose/Won't Latch
09-08-66-003A DEC 10 Body - Tonneau Cover Fits To Loose On Vehicle
05-08-46-004C DEC 10 OnStar(R) - Number Incorrect/Incorrectly Assigned
06-08-50-009F DEC 10 Restraints - Passenger Presence System Information
03-07-29-004G DEC 10 Manual Transmission - M/T Operating Characteristics
05-03-07-009C DEC 10 Steering/Suspension - Wheel Alignment Specifications
09-06-03-004D DEC 10 Electrical - MIL ON/DTC's Set By Various Control Modules
10-06-04-015 DEC 10 Fuel - GM's Position on Use of E 15 in 2007 Newer M.Y.
07-08-49-020D DEC 10 Instruments - IPC Odometer Programming Reference Guide
09-08-64-012C NOV 10 Body - Side Door Body Mounted Weatherstrip Replacement
01-08-51-003B NOV 10 Body - Application of Anti-Corrosion Materials
04-06-04-054B NOV 10 Engine Controls - Aftermarket Accessory Usage
07-08-42-006E NOV 10 Instruments - Bulb Outage Detection Restoration
06-03-09-004C NOV 10 Suspension - Squeak Noise from Rear of Vehicle
07-08-45-001F NOV 10 Accessories - Aftermarket Trailer Brake Controller
10-03-08-002A NOV 10 Suspension - Multiple Noises From Front Of Vehicle
08-07-30-035B NOV 10 A/T - Water Or Coolant Contamination Information
08-06-02-003A OCT 10 Engine - Oil Leak At Oil Cooler Hose/Pipe Assembly
05-06-04-022G OCT 10 Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (Canada)
10-08-45-001B OCT 10 Electrical - Information For Electrical Ground Repair
05-09-40-002E OCT 10 Restraint System - Normal Safety Belt Locking Conditions
10-08-44-003B OCT 10 Audio - Buzz Noise When Using Bluetooth(R)
10-02-33-001A OCT 10 Steering/Suspension - Pitman Arm Shaft Seal Service Kit
10-08-44-006 OCT 10 Navigation - Report Missing/Inaccurate Nav. Map Info
09-08-44-013C OCT 10 Audio System - USB/Multimedia Interface Information
09-08-66-011A OCT 10 Accessories - Pick Up Box Accessory Mounting Information
00-08-48-005D SEP 10 Body - Vehicle Glass Distortion Information
04-08-50-006D SEP 10 Interior - Seat Cover Wrinkle/Crease/Burn Info
08-08-52-001G AUG 10 Keyless Entry - Intermittent/Inoperative Remote
09-06-04-026C AUG 10 Engine/Transmission - Aftermarket Calibrations
10-08-98-002 AUG 10 Body - Drilling High Strength Steel Using CryoCobalt(R)
05-06-01-034L JUL 10 Engine - Oil Leaks From Rear Cover
07-02-32-002J JUL 10 Steering/Suspension - Power Steering Fluid Leaking
09-03-10-008B JUL 10 Wheels/Tires - Module Programming For 20/22 Inch Wheels
07-06-03-002C JUL 10 Battery - Battery Cable Bolts/Clamps/Nuts Inspection
10-03-16-001 JUL 10 TPMS System - Service And Re-Learning Sensor IDs
06-08-45-008D JUL 10 Brakes - Aftermarket Trailer Brake Controllers
03-00-89-008E JUL 10 Body - Metal Body Panel Corrosion Protection
06-08-51-005A JUN 10 Body - Hem Flange Sealer For Corrosion Protection
03-08-98-002B JUN 10 Body - Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding/Equipment
07-06-04-019D JUN 10 Electrical - Intermittent MIL/DTC P2138/Reduced Power
99-09-40-005F JUN 10 Restraints - Extender Availability For Seat Belt
02-08-42-001D JUN 10 Lighting - Headlamp Polycarbonate Lens Damage Prevention
07-08-44-001F JUN 10 Audio System - Difficult To Install Fixed Radio Antenna
09-08-64-003A JUN 10 Instruments - Outside Mirror Adjustment Information
00-03-10-006F MAY 10 Wheels/Tires - Tire Radial Force Variation (RFV)
04-06-01-029E APR 10 Vehicle - Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Info.
09-03-16-002A APR 10 Tire Pressure Monitor - TPM System Message/Service Tips
05-03-10-003F APR 10 Tires/Wheels - Low Tire/Leaking Cast Aluminum Wheels
04-03-10-001F APR 10 Tires/Wheels - Tire Puncture Repair Procedures
08-03-10-006C APR 10 Tires/Wheels - Tire Slowly Goes Flat/Warning Light ON
05-03-10-020C APR 10 Wheels/Tires - Use of Nitrogen Gas in Tires
07-03-16-004C APR 10 Tire Pressure Monitor - TPM System Overview
10-08-110-001 MAR 10 Interior - Proper Use of Floor Mats
10-00-89-001 FEB 10 Vehicle - 2011 Model Year VIN Code changes
08-08-42-005B JUN 09 Lighting - Headlamp Replacement Information