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    Default cylinder 2 misfire?!?

    I keep getting a code when driving on the highway... I think it is p0302 off the top of my head. Whether or not I remembered the correct number, it is a code for cylinder number two misfire. So, I went through all the obvious maintenance: changed plugs, wires and rotor/distributor. The truck runs MUCH better, but I'm still getting the code while driving around 60-65mph on the highway. What am I missing?!?
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    you made sure the timing isnt off right. hmm im trying to find info on what might be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conlan Rose View Post
    you made sure the timing isnt off right. hmm im trying to find info on what might be wrong.
    I haven't checked timing yet. It runs strong and only throws the code on the highway, so I didn't even think about the timing. I used to have a nice timing light, but someone stole it....

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    i really dont know if its timing but why not check after replacing ignition system. another problem might be the MAP sensor i would make sure that is all good.

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    My guess would be a bad coil above #2. Seen this before on a 2002 trailblazer. Don't think your timing is adjustable.
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    1999 doesn't have coil packs. It's old-school with a single coil and a distributor. If it were like my BMW with individual coil packs, that would've been my second guess - after changing the plugs. Good suggestion, though...

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