This is something that has confused me for a while.......

A light duty or "personal" truck would be something like a 1500,2500, or 3500 (when it comes to state and federal guidelines)
A medium duty class usually starts at a 4500 and goes through the 8500 (c8500/ Kodiak)
Then you have you "heavy duty" trucks which would be your 18 wheelers, etc.

So back in the day GM (Silverado and Siera) had 1500, 2500, and 3500's. At some point GM started giving their 2500 and 3500 trucks this "HD" (2500 HD/ 3500HD) and I guess there also was a 1500 HD for a year or 2.

By designating these technically light duty trucks with the "HD" that has opened up the cost of getting tags, and stuff to be inflated to prices for higher duty trucks? or am I missing something.

I even had to argue with the tag office here that my 1500 is a personal vehicle, not a commercial one and I was not going to pay them more for a "weighted tag"

Has anyone noticed this change as they trying to squeeze more money from us truck owners?