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    You may just need to clean the Mass airflow Sensor. Sometimes they will get dirty when disturbing the air intake system. To clean it, just use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the wire spanning across the MAFS> It may help get rid of the code. Also make sure you have a good connection on the MAFS connector plug!! Good Luck!!

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    Sometimes it takes a lot more than 100 miles for the PCM to clear a code on its own. It may be simpler than you think to fix your issue. Reading the code is the one of the first steps to diagnosing issues.

    Have it read for codes and post them to the forum. You'll get plenty of help figuring it out.
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    No more check engine light!! It went away on its own, even though the K&N rep said the light should have never come on. Oh well, truck runs and sounds great, thanks everyone for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapelusprime View Post
    First thing, ditch the spacer. Second, think of it this way; If you put an air intake system on your truck in order to increase and smooth air flow. If it's not lined up you've got impeded airflow. The KnN sticker does not increase Hp, I'm not tying to sound sarcastic. It's just I see a lot of people getting ripped off with what is more often called the KnN, Volant etc, dirt straw. The Hp gains on the box are BS, except when coupled with and exhaust and a proper tune. Thinking in the terms, "If it sounds to good to be true" If all it took to get 12 to 20 more Hp out of a motor is clamp on a piece of straight pipe with a high flow filter; Don't you think all car manufacturers would have one on every car? K&N puts a Hp/torque graph on the box, this is eye candy BS as well.

    You will never see a K&N, Volant etc commercial or youtube clip with your truck on a rolling Dyno and a before and after video clip showing a 12 to 20 Hp gain. Why? Because your new intake will never deliver 12 to 20 hp without the motor trying to suck in all that easy to breath air. Your motor wouldn't know what to do with that optimal combustion condition without a tuned ECM and MAF program that tells it to. A motor tuned for economy will stay that way regardless of the intake snorkel.

    VVT motors do make them slightly more adaptive, however that said. You can get just as much Hp using higher grade gas. I'm not trying to come off as the snotty know it all mechanic; I'm just bent over company's selling this magic bullet that is going to turn your car or truck into a sport edition over stock and improve mileage bla, bla. I'm kind of fed up with the aftermarket shell game as you can tell. There are some good companies making good products that work, there is something you must read between the lines. When you see "results may vary", this usually means do your homework, save your money and do a complete build up when you have all the parts on your shopping list together.

    I have a 08 with a 5.3 and put a aem intake on from my 2000 5.3...didnt notice no difference. took it off put a throttle body spacer on. not a noticeable difference but who cares wen you got a sweet turbo soundin whistle. put a s&b intake on and you can hear and feel the power gain! so i wouldnt say that all intakes are the same
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