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    Default Can I put 33's on a new-body style w/o a lift/level kit? Trimming/surgery needed?

    Happy New Year to all ....
    ... and apologies if this question has been answered already in another thread ...
    .... didn't have time to go thru all of them here at work .... and I posted in the Wheel/Tire section, but not a lot of views ...

    My son has a 2007 Silverado 1500 2WD (new-body-style) and wants to get the pre-runner look ....
    It currently has the factory 20" alloys with 275/55-20 tires (someone added them to this truck) ...
    We would like to put on a 17" wheel with a 285/70-17 tire (33" tall) ....

    My questions are ....
    1) FRONT ... I have heard that in order to put a 33" tire on these new-body-style trucks, that minor "trimming" is needed ...
    If so, exactly what needs to be trimmed, where and how much?
    Also, if a "leveling kit" is installed up front, does this negate having to "trim" anything? If so, what amount of lift is required (2" ... 3" ... ?)

    2) REAR ... If we lower the rear of the truck to achieve this "pre-runner" stance (like 2' or 3"), will that cause interference with the 33" tires?
    I'm thinking not, since you could currently fit a small child in the rear wheel-wells ...

    Thanks in advance for the help ...
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    33"'s fit well with a leveling kit. If he wants the pre-runner look, he'll want to do that anyway. I just installed mine last week and added the 20" tahoe wheels and 33" tires and absolutely love the new look.

    I used the 2" RC leveling kit shown below:

    Without the leveling kit, the plastic inside of the wheelwell will need to be trimmed.

    2) I think lowering the back will be counterproductive the pre-runner look. Pre-runners are typically 2WD trucks that sit higher than a stock 2WD. Lowering the back will just give you a leveled look, but not the stance of a pre-runner.

    You can fit the 33" tires under the back now, but the front will still give you trouble.

    I would go with the 2" front leveling kit and 33" tires.
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    Thanks duckduckdog ...

    They are on as of last night .... and my son is complaining the fronts rub at the rear of the tire only .... so if that 2" RC leveling kit with lift the front enough to stop the rubbing, then that is what we are going to have to do ...

    Still looking for a way to drop the back, though ...

    I looked under the truck the other day, and see that there appears to be a "block" sandwiched between the bottom side of the leaf spring and the "pad" welded to the diff housing ... measured it and it seems to be about 1-1/2" thick ... anyone know if this can be removed? I can see two issues that may arise:
    1) They usually have alignment pins/holes in the leafs and mounting pads to stop movement or sliding - not sure if removing these 'blocks' will affect
    2) are the stock U-bolts threaded far enough up to be reused once these 1-1/2" thick blocks are removed?

    Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

    ---------- Post added at 07:26 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:23 AM ----------

    ... with regards to lowering the back ...

    also looking at the aftermarket spring shackles .... claim to be good for 1" to 2" ....

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    The 2"RC Kit will clear those 33's quite well....

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    Well, we installed the leveling kit up front, and removed the blocks in the back. Used the same U-bolts, and had no issues ... here's a couple of pics ...

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    Looks good! Like the black on white! Good job!

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