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    Angry 92 k1500 silverado electrical issues. HELP!

    Okay so my 92 does a few weird things that I think result from a bad ground somewhere, but I'm no expert on wiring so your help is appreciated. The first(and most annoying) thing she does is, whole driving at night if I turn my high beams on or off the stereo shuts completely off then turns right back on. The second symptom is if a big load is placed on the electrical system(holding the power window button too long, using the stereo/wipers/heater/headlights at the same time, etc.) the speedometer "freaks out" to say the least, sometimes jumping all the way up to 85, and then comes right back to 0, if I'm driving and have the fan on high, the speedometer will sometimes read 10-15 mph faster than I'm actually going. Also, when the truck sits at idle at night, you can watch the lights in the dash and the headlights kind of flicker with the sound of the motor(im pretty sure this is normal). But the weirdest part about the stereo and the speedometer is that they only happen SOMETIMES. Ive asked plenty of buddies with the same model trucks and they have no idea. If anybody kmows the solution your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

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    You are probably on the right track to suspect a ground issue. Check as many of them as you can get to. Battery to body, frame, engine, etc...They should all be clean and free from rust an corrosion.

    I can't say for sure where to find them, sorry about that, but they need to be there somewhere.

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    fixed it! there was a bad connection on the positive battery terminal and it was arcing off from the battery to the bolt, so nothing was getting enough power.

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