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    Default What rear axle will work on 97 2wd Suburban?

    My Suburban with 238k miles decided to drop its rear end last week. I need to find a used rear end to throw under it to get me through the winter. It's a simple 2wd c1500. Just a family mobile. I assume that the 88-98 c1500 pickup truck rear axle should be the same, but I would to confirm this. Thanks for any help. BTW, it's a 5 lug setup w/ rpo code GU6.
    Thanks, Chris
    97 GMC Suburban
    00 Pontiac Grand Am

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    No. Unfortunately a pickup rearend will not bolt up. The rearend has to be out of another Suburban. The width of the rearend and the mounting brackets are different.

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    The differential and axle shafts are the same part # for a 97 2wd pickup and my 97 2wd suburban. Also, what brackets are different? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only connections are brake lines, shocks, pinion shaft, and U-bolts, right?

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    On the bright side there are LOTS of 97 Suburbans out there (and 96-99-maybe they fit also) .There is almost always a "bad engine bad transmission runs good when running" Suburban for sale around here-NOLA-asking maybe $1000-$1500.
    If you could spring for that much you might be able to part out the rest for most of what you paid.
    Junk yard will have rear ends- entire rear might be easiest-wheels brakes everything-just shove it under and bolt it on.
    PS 238,000 MILES-PLENTY OF MILES- did you tow or do anything that would shorten its life-maybe PO did??. Just asking because I'm wonder when this is in my future- 217,800 miles 1998 C1500- just like yours-mine the last 5 years 22,000 miles-great family 2 dog 4 cats evacuation vehicle- cost $2950 5 years ago-worth maybe $2000 now-not bad- never would sell it-can't buy anything as good for $2000! Someday I aspire to buy a 2004-maybe late 2013-pay maybe $6500 then for decent one.
    1998 suburban-
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    Well, I talked to the GM dealer this morning and the axle housing is the same for all c1500 body lines for 92-2000. He said the mounting is the same for the shocks and U-bolts. The axle shafts and Differential is the same part #. I'm guessing they are the same part based on this. The suburban rear axle is priced higher around here. I can get a c1500 pickup rear end for less than $100 where the suburban is $400 and way more miles on it. I bought the truck with 200k miles on it and it has a rebuilt motor and tranny. No rust on the body or frame and overall good condition of the interior. I got paid back more than I had in it from hail damage last spring, so it's a no brainer to fix it. I has the tow package, so I;m guessing p/o towed stuff. It's just a family hauler and occasional pack mule for me.

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    Ok, I found the difference. Wait for it, Sway Bar brackets! That's right, pickup trucks dont have the brackets.

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    Jun 2006
    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    Huh- yep just looked at mine-sure enough there is the antisway bar.
    If it was actually $300 less and far fewer miles-guess what I could do without!!Yeah the Suburban might sway flex a bit more- but so what- I don't really drive it that hard!!

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