just joined and thanks in advance for the help. if i do something wrong just yell. i have a 96 sierra 1500 2wd sle with a 5.7.ive been getting the p0300 p0175 p0172. ive changed the plugs cap rotor coil and crank position sensor. plus injector cleaner in the tank.been using the scanner. in freeze frame it says trouble code po3oo fuel sys 1 cl using ho2s fuel sys cl using ho2s calc losd 3.5 coolant 89 st ftrm112.5 lt ftrm1 -17.9 st ftrm2-12.5 lt ftrm2 -17.9 map kpa 33 veh speed 19 (not moving). maf 7.93. dont know if this is useful or not. truck is running rough lacking power using fuel.this has been driving me nuts.
thanks raz