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    Default quite aching beast

    well today i brought my 96' in for an oil change and learned that the truck is in more pain then it lets on...

    the shop informed me when they were under it they found alot wrong but i told then not to fix it cuz ik that will cost a boat load.

    heres the list of problems the found:

    engine has major oil leaks (deffentally an exaggeration cuz my oil level doesnt drop)

    oil cooler lines leaking

    sway bar links broken on front(this concerns me the most because its a top heavy suv)

    tie rod ends worn

    transfer case seal leaking (what do you expect the seal is factory needs new one)

    air filter dirty (easy fix)

    PO141 code for my o2 sensor i need feed back for that one to help fix that code

    1996 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.7L V8 4X4 205,000+ miles. Built proudly at Janesville Assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin
    Basic mods: Lights all over, bunch of electrical work, and a couple cooling mods.

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    Just be careful at alot of these so called trustworthy garages. They work off commission and try to sell people the bill of goods. I would have a well respected mechanic look at it and get a 2nd opinion before spending any unnecassary money. Ask around your family , friends and co-workers. Usually someone can steer you in the right direction to a trustworthy mechanic. Good Luck!!

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    they happen to be the trust worthy mechanic around my area he found these things because he gave me free inspection with my oil change. and i plan to fix these on my own with out shop help i have the tools and resources and my town has great parts stores.

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    Sway bar links arent hard to change, they shouldnt be under much tension when the trucks parked, if neccessary you can use a pry bar to lift the sway bar mount point up enough to attach the bolts.
    Look at Auto Zone or Pep Boys for new links, should be under $10, they used to sell them in a red package with a blue and green stripe on it and it was called "Repair Help".

    For the "T" case and engine oil leaks I'd just baby it along, at a 196K your due an overhaul in the next couple years so why crack things open now if you dont have to yet. Just keep an eye on the fluid levels.

    Tie rod ends arent hard to replace, at most you'll need a large wrench and pickle fork and mallet. When you remove the tie rods ends count the threads or revolutions of the rod ends, putting them back on rotate just as many times. Sometimes if I think of it I'll mark the position with paint.

    Oil cooler lines are cheap enough usually and you dont want one to have a catastrophic leak and blow all the oil out so they could be serious.

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    It may sound like a lot but they are mostly low dollar repairs. As has said before the tie rod ends are like $30 a piece. The sway bar links should be around the same price. The oil leaks are difficult one to help with but if you can keep oil in it and don't mind the stains in the driveway I would let it roll until it gets real bad.

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    i plan to and yah i already researched the prices the sway bar links are about 8.00 each and the pitarm ends like 30

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    I agree with the others forget about the oil leaks. They can be handled by a pan under the truck when in the garage and if you park in the street like the picture shows it is the city's problem not yours. Even if the leak is bad a cheap quart of oil every week costs less than the repair. With the miles you have on the truck if it has been a long time since the O2 sensor was changed it may be time to have somebody change it. You could try and do it yourself but it may be fairly well rusted in and might be difficult to remove. Did the mechanic mention anything about your brake lines? A picture you posted in another thread showed a fair amount of corrosion on the frame. Rusty brake lines are my biggest concern on my 03 Tahoe.


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    truck has new rear brake lines and front ones arnt to rusty. and i plan to change the O2 sensor my self im tired of paying for labor cost more than the repairs.

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