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    Default Walmart's $25.00 2 ton jack and stands

    I know this may be looked down upon, but im contemplating buying a 25.00 2 ton (i think) jack from walmart plus some cheapy stands to get my truck up off the ground so i can start doing basic maintenance on the truck.

    Im curious as i've never used a jack + stands to raise a truck, instead, the luxury of a shop lift with the ability to physically stand up underneath the vehicle has my feelings toward being hunched on my back a little jaded.

    What im asking i suppose is, first of all, is the 25.00 2 ton jack capable of safely lifting the truck? and where do i place the jack to lift both wheels at the same time?

    I understand its placed under the differential? is that only in the rear?

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    for front u use two jack stands one on each behind the steering ball joint. and never go under truck if only jack is supporting it because truck might fall off jack easily always use stands when under truck. also this all depends on you truck and its weight.

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    You have a link? I'd want to know that the truck wasn't going to come down on top of me and lets face it, even if it didn't kill you the bills for getting crushed under a truck would be quite a bit more than the cost of a jack & stand system that you can count on.

    That being said, post up a link and picture of this bad boy and let's see what we've got.

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    are you talking about this pair?

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    Capable of lifting and holding 4000 lbs, dont know the weight of your truck but remember your only lifting or holding a portion of that, you'll still have 2 wheels on the ground taking some of that weight.
    2ton stands should work fine.
    A problem I've always had with standard jacks is their to short to get a good lift on a truck, I normally buy a truck or SUV jack because they have a longer lift, yea more expensive but worth it in the end.
    I prefer to put my jack stands directly under the frame just where it straightens out either behind the front wheels or in front of the rear wheels.
    Dont like it on moving suspension parts theres to many possibilities for accidents if something moves unexpectedly.
    Dont mind lifting from the diff on a solid axle but if it's IFS I use either the frame or directly under the A arm.

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    I have some that look identical that I bought a Sears for about $50.00 for a set. They work perfect and I have had no issues with them.

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    Might check out Harbor Freight before you buy anything. I have a low profile floor jack bought from HF that is great. Think it is also rated around 2 ton but it's about twice the size of the little two ton I bought years ago and a much better jack. It is also lower to the ground but will lift higher than the 2T. Think I bought it on sale for 60 - $70.00. HF also has the jack stands at a good price.

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    Lift height of the stands is key. Also, for what it's worth, spending for quality with which YOU are comfortable is important, as it's YOUR SAFETY that's at risk, not ours. Thus, if YOU are not sure about $25.00 jack stands from Walmart and wouldn't entrust your life to them ... then you need to continue looking.

    None of us can tell you where that comfort threshold is. For me, I bought stands from U.S. Jack that have double pawls and support 6 tons (each). The pair cost about $75.00. I'd rather have something over-engineered and holding weight above me than under-engineered and potentially dropping it on top of me. But that's me; I don't skimp when my life and/or limbs are at stake.

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    You will not be happy with any JACK that only costs $25.00. Get a new issue of Hot Rod or Car Craft magazine and find the Harbor Freight ad. They have a cuopun for a 2000 pound aluminum roller hydraulic jack that will lift one end of most vehicles. It's small, but a 6 inch piece of 4x4 on top of the saddle will lift your truck. If you don't care about weight buy a steel jack, they are pretty cheap and 3 ton rated. Back in the good-old-days I used some pretty shakey methods to lift cars and trucks. Nowadays I never get under one unless it is on jack stands on concrete or reliable asphalt. I don't like to endorse harbor freight, as most of their products come from China, but if you bought the same jack made in America it would cost you $400.00+.

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    I have the 3 ton ones from walmart. I think i paid about 30 bucks for them. I used them to hold up my 9500 lbs f250 super duty. It had a diesel in it. They held the front fine with no worries. I can tell you that the front of that truck was heavy. just my 2cents.

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    To me if you have to ask this question you have concerns. I personally would go to a heavier rated jack just for a bit of safety. I have a set of stands that are rated at 10tons a piece. No matter which jack and stands you buy if/when you use it and take the wheels off instead of just laying the wheel off to the side place it under the truck. That way if the truck was to fall and you were under it it would limit the possibility of the injury. Just my .02.

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