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    Default Shopping for GMT800 Crew cab. Advice please!

    After trying sometimes successfully to fit things such as fishing rods, horse saddle, tack and even groceries in the Maserati coupe.. Italian algebra Rear transmission = fuel tank behind back seat + small trunk..... I am also growing tired of having to borrow a friends truck when I need a truck.

    My last truck was a 1996 FZJ80 Landcruiser... Straight 6 and last year they made a solid front axle... It was not a tire smoker but unbelievably reliable and bomb proof. I had the OEM lockers at both ends, ARB bull bar and a MM hydraulic winch.

    I am looking for a 2001-2005 HD crew cab 4x4 . I prefer this over a yukon or a tahoe because I can have the choice between a topper or not when I want to haul dirt bikes and I prefer the 6.0. On a RARE occasion I will haul a two horse trailer... My current location as well as where I am considering moving to allows for plenty of trail riding horses.. so I very rarely will tow a horse trailer therefore no need for a diesel.

    Living in so-cal and having a couple motorcycles and a car around it will be driven even less frequently than the car. Unless I am on an outdoors adventure, hauling or towing it won't be used. There are places I go where I will drive on the beach to the kayak launch to go fishing or out in the desert or dunes to roll the dirt bikes off the bed where I would prefer having 4x4.

    Basically the only things I know I am looking for are the 6.0 (LQ4) locker (G80), 4.11 gears (GT5), and four doors.

    A fiberglass topper is a given bit I will do some mods for sure.. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade so I can't leave things alone.. Probably a winch in a road armor front bumper with prerunner style guard and the matching rear bumper. A select able locker for the front which means an ARB or an Eaton E-locker.. A high quality but minimal lift suspension upgrade and bushwacker flares and weld myself up a set of rock slider type bars to protect the body.

    So with those ideas in mind and your experience in owning a GMT800 do any suggestions come to mind?

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    u might not need a 2500 hd. i have an 03 1500 5.3 z-71. it has the g80. and it pulls fine ive hauled trailers of dirt. and an f-250 on a trailer, even drug a flipped over peterbuilt. the truck has never missed a beat. i get decent gas mileage out of it 20 - 23 on the highway

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    The 2500HD with a 9.25 front differential is what I want because the E-locker is available for it. Then there is the 4l80E trans I prefer as well as better brakes. With LA traffic I will probably do something with the front brakes such as a 6 piston big brake kit. The Brembo's on the car come in handy in stopping yesterday without fade and after driving a vehicle with serious brakes I put more importance into upgrading them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoGPatrick View Post
    ...and after driving a vehicle with serious brakes I put more importance into upgrading them.
    Got used to following close and braking late, did ya?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    Got used to following close and braking late, did ya?
    No... Following at a smart distance in LA almost always turns into following close when some a$$clown cuts in between. Also sometimes if you don't close up the gap you have people jumping in between one after another for miles and miles. Mix that with stop and go and truly awesome brakes shine under those conditions.. Another part of it is the car has an effect on people where even those with a civic or neon with a super glued on spoiler want to cut you off and act like they achieved something... Seen two them rear end the car that was previously in front of me and one time it was just where traffic was opening up so signaled I switched lanes and gunned it around the idiot.

    Even on a truck with 33" tires bigger brakes like wild wood 6 pistons will stop much better than all stock everything and do it much more often without warping and longer intervals between pad changes.

    I might try to find a full time 4x4 version for two reasons one is with the BW 4482 T-case the pump rub is a non issue.

    Another thing I liked about the cruiser I had was the lockable center differential in the T-case.. Well that and it was a gear drive.. SOL... on a GM for a full time gear drive. I had the ability to lock and unlock front, rear and center differentials individually regardless of in low or high range through a wiring mod. On gravel or an Icy road at speed it was very stable with all differentials open.. Under those conditions one wheel peel leaves a wheel on each axle to help fight under or over steer. Also tighter trail maneuvering was possible with out bind by pushing the button to unlock the center..

    I have some ideas such as stiffer sway bars for the road but adding disconnects for when I am off it.. etc..
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