Like almost everybody here with a truck I want to level my 2011 Silverado, but I dont want to lift the front to achieve the leveled look.
Has anyone lowered the rear of their truck to level it out?
If you did what method did you use i.e. custom airbags and suspension, shackle kit, shackle relocation, spring replacement, axle over spring?
I'm looking for ideas and observations on what worked best.
The end goal will be to level the truck but leave it capable of towing at most a 4K trailer (factory towing is 6500lbs/1000lb cargo).
I know I might sacrafice some load capability lowering the truck depending on method used but if I have to I'll use a set of Firestone 500c's and a VIA Air compressor to bring the rear up for heavy loads since towing will be limited most times to less than 5 miles.

Now heres info I know or dug up from past experience.

Axle over: This will drop the rear about 3-3.5", I only need about 2" and I dont want a prerunner or to have to mess with lowering the front suspension.

Air bags: This method will achieve exactly whatever height I want with an onboard compressor, but it's expensive and means chopping up the rear suspension to accomplish. A possibility but only as a last resort.

Shackle kit and Shackle relocation: Relocation is more work but the end result is more of a factory ride and done correctly it shouldnt have a negative affect on the springs.
Kit with replacement shackles is not hard to do, I havent seen a lowering kit for these trucks yet but then again I havent looked very hard either. The problem with different length shackles is they change the ride quality and depending on length can act against the springs to flatten them out or make them sag faster than normal. I'm lazy I really dont want to have to put new springs on in a year or two.

Spring replacement: At this point this looks like the best option due to the fact I can retain factory ride quality without sacraficing load capability.

And on anyone of these I could use the 500C airbags but then I start running into investing $$ into something that should be easy and inexpensive to accomplish, I really want a symple sytem that wont take anything other than normal maintenance.