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    Default What is the difference between a Silverado/Siera and a C/K ?

    So when I am looking for parts, or registering the truck with the insurance company, etc........ Is it a silverado/siera or a C/K....?

    What does C/K mean? is it like a work truck from the 70's or something with like no options in it?


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    Your truck is a Silverado/Sierra
    C/K designations were for 1973 to 1987 trucks, they had a package level name like Bonanza, Cheyenne, Sierra Classic, Sierra, Silverado, thase were all trim levels the C designator was for a 2wd GM truck C1500/C2500/C3500 all the way up to C8500 if I remember correctly, K designator was for 4wd GM truck, I only remember seeing them as K1500/K2500/K3500.
    Full size Blazers their GMC cousin also used the C/K designator depending on drive axles.

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    Keep in mind that while Silverados and Sierras share a number of parts, there ARE minor differences. Fortunately for you, you have a Silverado. Errors in parts compatibility differences made by manufacturers tend to error on the side of the compatibility with the Silverados. A good example of this are 03-06 tail lights. Silverados use a 4-plug assembly consisting of 3x3157 bulb sockets and 1x194 bulb socket ... while Sierras tails of the same years only have a 3-plug assembly consisting of 3x3157 sockets. A number of (most) aftermarket tail manufacturers show the same part number tail light as interchangeable between 03-06 Silverados and Sierras ... when they're not. I've been bitten by this three times when ordering aftermarket tails ... until I figured out that 03-06 Sierras are using 99-02 Silvy tails.

    A Silverado owner would have been fine when ordering, though, as the tails I received in each case worked in the relevant years of a Silverado. So, the Silvy takes precedence among aftermarket manufacturers ... while the Sierra is clearly an afterthought.

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    Like, the designation C/K means they don't care how many wheels it drives, it is either 2 or 4, and it's a 1960 through 1999. They can also give you the choice of 1500, which means 1/2 ton carrying capability.

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    Not much to add, Nak , these guys have it covered like a blanket
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