I have spent just over half a day trying to remove my tranny from my 99 Burban. I'm not using a trans jack or lift to take it out and all is going well, I have only 2 bolts left to remove from the top of the tranny, and have found that there is very little room to move in there. I was unable to remove the exhaust crossover on both sides today again due to lack of space. I will be investing in an extion bar, the longest I can find to get the exhaust apart.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to remove a 4L60E?
Is it better to remove the cross-member that holds up the back of the tranny?
If I allow the back of the tranny to drop, will it be easier to get at the 2 top bolts? Will it tilt too far and damage the fan or any other parts?

Any and all input is welcome. I have a 4 volume manual on the way plus an extra manual for the transmission, but it will be a few more days before they arrive and I need to get this job started.

I will post photos later if I can.

Fingers crossed!