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    Default why a chevy truck?

    Hey guys I'm in the market for a truck here within the next month. I'm going to be spending around 1500 bucks and its going to be a dd. My question is simple but may involve complex answers. I want to know what is better about the Chevy trucks of the mid 80s to about 95 . Why are they better than a ford or dodge? I grew up in a household where my dad had a dodge van a ford truck and a tbird. My moms side were all ford fanatics and my dads side were mopar or no car. I remember growing up living the way the Chevy looked and seeing those like a rock commercials. I have friends that have Chevy and swear by them. So I want to know real reasons as to why a Chevy truck is a better choice over the better two. What is better about its design and engineering ect. Not being rude but I don't want to hear because they got a 350. They are great engines but I think all of the big 3 made good truck engines. And I plan on keeping it stock so performance and mods don't mean a t?hing to me. Thank you guys for letting me be here. I hope this is in the correct category. Thank you for the help.

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    theres many reason chevy's are better and every one on this forum has their own reason. mine might sound cliche is their the most reliable out there esspecially the chevy 350 small block. the whole rest of the truck can be falling apart but as long as that 350 is getting fuel and ignition spark itll run forever. i also love chevys for the look they just look tough and can back it up no matter how old. another great thing is part avalibility because all chevy trucks use close to identical parts for each generation. those are my main reason. oh and last one just the heritage and culture that comes with chevrolet they are so involved and focused on there owners and fans.

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    I guess my biggest concern is how tough are their frames axles transmissions are they better than the competition.

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    The Chevrolet V-8 small block has been in continuous production since 1955. It had a slightly rough start, but in the 45 years up to 2000 it constantly improved. Parts and especially speed parts are cheap. If you look on Craigslist, you will find lots of mid-year Chevrolet parts versus the other "big" two. A $1500 budget does not get you much in this day of State inspectable vehicles, and leaves no room for repair parts. Because of their popularity, there are more Chevy OLDER trucks still runnung, but I don't have the figures to back that up. I just know if you go to sell a 1990 Chevy, Ford, or Dodge, you will get more people interested in the Chevy. Maybe it's because their Dad had a Dodge, or a Ford and had their butts kicked by some young stud in a Chevy truck at a stoplight or dragstrip.

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    trannys and axles are usually better depends on if they are maintained. frames are deffently tougher id say. also trucks last longer. how often do you see old chevys compared to old dodges and fords. also chevys have a better ride with the independent front suspensions on the 4x4s

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    How strong is there front suspension since its independent . Also around here 1500 will get you a sound older truck. It may need a minor repair or tune up but usually 1500 will find something decent older but decent. I actually see alot of fords and Chevy's. Not near as many dodges. But I can't relate that to be ing. Not as good since Chevy and ford sell alot more trucks thereis going to be more on the road later down the road in the trucks life

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    just as good if not better then the solid ford or dodge front axle. the independent suspension also helps grip in snow or mud and give very smooth ride.

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    OK. Should I consider a 305 or should I just go for a 350 v8? I know the 305 gets alot of crap but not sure if its deserved. My buddies 305 has 200,000 + miles and runs good

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    305s run great like any chevy engine but have less power. personally love the 350 my Tahoe has one and even with 194,000+ miles it sound like it just came of the line 350 almost never die everything around the engine will go before it'll quit.

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    Isnt that how most pushrod American v8s are? So I have a good qeustions what don't you guys like about Ford's and Dodge's?

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