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    Default Brake rotor drag, rutted disk (1997 Suburban)

    Hi all! I just bought myself a beautiful 1997 Suburban 2500 with 185K miles on it. This is my first Suburban and my first Chevy. It has some front brake issues and I'm hoping someone out there can point me in the right direction for parts and give me some advice on repair procedures.

    My background: I've owned lots of cars and done some extensive mechanical work in the past including rebuilding older (1970s) calipers and master cylinders.

    The problem: Both front calipers drag, but only slightly. The front right pad wore down on the inside and grooved the rotor disk.

    Diagnostics: Is there a way to tell if it's the calipers hanging up or the master cylinder (or another problem)? I don't know if this is even possible, I'm just trying to cover all my bases.

    Parts: Where's the best places to get parts? I found a bunch of stuff on ebay that's really cheap but I don't want substandard parts. I also like performance mods and upgrades when financially feasible.

    Parts/rotor: Since my left rotor is fine I guess I'm just looking for a stock rotor for the right to match it. Most of the rotors I see on Ebay don't look lime my rotor. How do I know which is right? Or, where can I find the right one?

    Parts/pads: What are the best pads? Low dust? Low noise? Super mighty grippyness? Special for my ABS or anything like that?

    Parts/calipers: I've rebuilt calipers before. Do you rebuild them on a Suburban or just put on all new calipers? I rebuilt them in the past because that was my only option, no complete sets were available. I'm surprised to see new calipers on ebay for $70! Are these good or do I need to get another kind?

    Repairs: Are there any special procedures for bleeding the brakes on these things (once I put on the new calipers)? Should I do the old fashioned pump from the drivers seat thing... or the force feed from the bottom with the little gun thing? Just open from the top and feed it? You can probably tell I don't have a repair manual for this thing yet. Any repair manuals on line?

    Thanks for any help!

    PS. My steering is a little sloppy. The PO said it's the steering gear. Brakes come first, but any ideas on that steering gear?

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    Not sure about all the issues, but look at your caliper guide pins. They could be all trashed up and rusty. Also, you may have a blocked residual pressure relief valve.

    I am not surprised at anything I see on Ebay and never use them.

    Please do not replace just one rotor. There needs to be balance in life and in brakes. Remember, the brakes are the only thing between you and dead.

    Check out lmctruck dot com. They keep my 99 sub 1500 and my B in Law's 67 F-100 alive.

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    As mentioned above, the guide pins can be a weak link. I always clean and lube them on any car I do the brakes on. A lot of people just pull them off and put them back on, without even checking them. The problem may be more complex, but that's always the first lace to start.
    I like you.

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