Shawn, can you explain to me and everyone else on here what Hydro Dipping is? From your other post you said the following,

For those of you who are not familier with the process, you may have already seen the process on gun stocks, bows and any other hunting item that has a camo design.

You can now customize your guns, truck trim parts, manifold covers, in carbon fiber, wood grains, military camo, skulls, and hundreds of other designs.

This process can also be used on any hard surface. We are offering forum members discounted pricing so feel free to contact me via pm for any questions or if you would like a quote.
I found this photo randomly on the web, but it's a hydro-dipped camo wheel, I guess this is the type of thing that can be done to just about any surface? If so, I may have some stuff that I need dipped.

Just an example of a Hyrdo-Dipped Wheel with camo look to it.