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Thread: Electric fans

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    Default Electric fans

    Thinking of putting some electric fans on my truck in place of the regular ole fan. Are there any advantages to this like MPG, HP, TQ, run cooler? My brother has some on his 99 V6 GMC. I really wanna make it easier to change belts really lol.

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    It's supposed to give a bit of an HP increase. Less drag on the motor since they are driven from an electric motor. A bit of wiring is involved in the swap.

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    Yes to MPG increase, but a "not really" to HP and TQ. Getting rid of the belt driven fan system will not increase your power numbers. If you had 300hp at the flywheel with a pulley fan, you'll still have 300hp at the flywheel after switching to an electric fan setup. You will have more of that 300hp going to the wheels with the electric setup, because the engine doesn't have to work to turn the fan blade. Its a term called parasitic loss. It is very similar to how underdrive pulleys work.

    One thing you'll notice with electric fans and/or underdrive pulleys is that the engine will spin more freely and RPMs will climb quicker. You'll need a fan/temp control unit wired in to turn the fans on and off. Flex-a-lite and SPAL make good fans for our trucks, some even include the temp control kits.

    That's the next major mod on my truck - goodbye clutched fan... hello dual 15" electrics.

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    I'll take all the more MPG I can get lol. HP at the wheels is better than HP at the motor with all the hefty boats and trailers I pull.

    Wiring I'm ok with but me and my OCD with seeing and hiding wires is ridiculous. My brother put some on his 99 GMC with a V6 and he said it was the best thing he's ever done. Since he might be selling the truck, I want to get as much off as I can and replace it with mine if they'll fit.

    Might make an attempt at buying some next week and installing them. Any ideas as to how long this might take with 1.5 people?

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    I'm going to guess 2.5 hrs, at the most. Maybe more, if you incorporate beer and/or smoke breaks. It isn't a whole day job, unless you want to hide from the Mrs.

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    Smoke breaks and beer breaks are going to be a given being 20, but the Ms part there's no problem hiding from her...she lives 40 miles away and is in class till 1500 day soon she'll hopefully be a future Mrs.

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