Ok guys, i feel like driving late at night alot, so what ill do is ill hop in my silverado and maybe drive around the block. I love driving. I mainly do it because down the street these is a school park with a dirt rut thats on a small incline that people use as a shortcut into an alley way, and ofcourse, cars drive up it alot so its nothing serious, but still fun because its a small 3 second off road sesh. lol but anyways, i did that, drove 20 seconds back home, and i prepared to back into the driveway, which ive done atleast 60 times. I like backing in because i love using my new backup camera. So im backing in, i look though the mirror, make sure i wont back into the gas meters or the gas pylon, it looks like im clear, so i back in, next thing you know, **SCREECH*** **METAL ON METAL** . my first words "OH SHI*, OH FU**, i dont immediately get out, im flipping out, so i try to calmly pull forward, more ***SCREECH**** ERRGGG*** so i finally professionally back in, i get out, expecting the worse on my bumper as well as the gas meter... so i run to the back of the truck, look at the bumper, i see nothing? i use my phone as a light, all i see is a tiny scuff on the plastidip, on the very bottom on the bumper, where it scapped it when i backed over it, i run over to the gas meter, where i see nothing on it? only a tiny scuff, my truck was barely high enough off the ground to barely scuff my plasti dipped bumper, if my truck was atleast 1cm lower i wouldve been f***ed. That was about the time i was thanking God for high-off-the-ground (lol) trucks. Well thats the last time i back in without double checking. If i wouldve hit that, it wouldve caused a major fire. So that was the highlight of my day, im still a little shaken