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    Cool Looking for Gov / Police Suburban info

    Hey fellas, my name's Matt and I just found thissite after looking for "Burbs" online and I have to say I love ithere already. Just saw a guy tryin to sell a bug deflector by bartering withcases of beer. They don't do that on my Jeep forums.

    I'm here for a couple reasons. I'm looking for aneducation on the trucks - what options are available, and where to find it.

    I'm looking for an 03 Black Suburban with all the Super secret agent bells and missles I can get in it. I want it as "Pvt Security Contractor" looking as possible, inside and out, without costing an arm and a leg. Mileage isn't an issue, but of course I'd want a Solid Healthy truck that's the "best deal" I'd hope to find.

    Going back to my first impressions for a second, I get the feeling I'm here with fellow "enthusiasts", so I don't think I have to explain why I'd want this. But in case I do, I think they're Really cool and they have lots of Horse Power. And if it's cool and makes you smile, then I say why not? Plus I'm the eccentric type, I'd buy a deuce and a half as my daily driver if I didn't want a Burb more.

    o far this is a list of things I Know I want:

    8.1 Vortec

    Barn Doors

    4WD (I know there are different types, I need the most offroad capable)

    Quadrasteer ( This is just extra icing on the cake, if it's a really nice truck, I'llscrap this)

    Black Exterior (Again if the truck is Really something special, who knows, I might just paint it)

    Some sort of Roomy, hard plastic ballistic interior, no frills (does this exist?)

    Next are just things I'd like to have if they exist, but are by no means a deal breaker.
    Some stuff I learned about in the past 5 minutes, here, on this web site and need to be taught more about, marking those with
    They're being quoted word for word.

    Minor Lift 3-4" (Added on myself not a problem, who makes the best lift for this vehicle? In my mind "The Best" means rugged, reliable, and able to take a beating without needing much attention.)

    Tank roof hatch. No grocery getter should be without one. (Yeah, I don't expect to find this on any truck. Any ideas where I can find one though? Preferably one that isn't 2000lbs.)

    rubber flooring () (Sounds fantastic)

    manual 4x4 shifting and not auto push buttons () (Can't tell you howmuch I'd like this over a button)

    crank windows () (more simplsitic interior door panel?)

    "utility front end, and no frills" () (Sounds very appealing)

    tranny cooler, () (also appealing)

    extra corrosion protection, () (I don't know how I've lived without it)

    locker () (MY GOD, I'D LOVE ONE)

    I already have my 24" "To Punish and Enslave" decals inhand.
    Be it police packages, Govt surplus vehicles,whatever get's me the look and features I'm after.

    I'm brand new to this kind of vehicle, so I'm really hoping up that you folks can offer some sort of help or guidance. Please share what ever info you can with me. It will all be very much appreciated.I look forward to joining the club and being a real member of this forum, I just need a vehicle to do it.

    Thanks a lot, Matt
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