Thanks. I'll try this. Shouldn't those two bolts come totally out and allow the hood to open with the latch mechanism still attached to the hood?

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Bummer, dude.
Where is the cable broken? Is there enough cable at the front where you can pull it out through the gap and activate it with vice-grips?

To answer your questions - 13mm. Here's what I just tried to see if it will work. Use a wedge, I have a nylon one, but a lubed up wooden one would probably work.
Wedge between the hood and grille. Try to make enough room for a 1/4" drive, 13mm socket with a long extension to fit through. It'll be tight, so go easy.
Once you're through the gap, you should be able to work the bolts, no problem. Recover the tools when the hood is open. I DIDN'T DO THIS TO MINE, BUT I GOT THE SOCKET THROUGH...just to see.
When your bolts are loose, I think your best bet is to lower the latch as much as possible, and cant it towards the driver side. There should be room then to use the screw driver to work the latch.
The other thought I had is a "crows foot" wrench head, again, with the 1/4" drive. Slide the crows foot through, then try to get the extension attached. The wedge would still be handy, so would a magnet, but you'll be stuck with lots and lots and lots of 16th turns.

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