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    Default Transmisson "Cluck"


    2007 Silverado Classic 5.3 liter 4X4 auto trans, about 55K miles. My question:

    Sometimes wehn coasting (let off on the gas, still cruising) I hit the gas again, I hear a "clunk" like there was play in the drive line. I dont always hear it, depending on how aggresive I drive. Is this normal? Shoul I take it in? thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the club Waxworth.
    If you want to check some things yourself before you take it to a shop, you could crawl under it & check the rear trans mount to make sure the bolts are tight, & grab the drive shaft & check the U-joints to see if there is play in them. Both of these will cause a clunk when getting on & off the gas. If you have greaseable U joints you could try giving tham a shot of grease while you're under there too. There are other things that could cause clunking but depending on your mechanical ability may be better left to the shop to check for you.
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    Welcome to the club.

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    Is it normal to hear this clunk on a 2011? Coasting at say 30, then get back on the gas with some force and the clunk occurs

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    I believe this is pretty much normal. Had a friend back in the 90's with this same complaint on a new 1500, and they went through the entire truck and even had a GM rep. look at it too; they concluded it normal. He never had any further issues with it. I drove several 1500's in the 90's too and felt the same thing on them as well. Even occasionally notice this on my 2008.
    BTW - I think they claimed it as normal differential backlash.
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    I have the same deal in my 2010 Sierra, I made a thread on here and it seems to be a normal issue/ non issue that many guys have and dealers said its normal. I just try to coast more and not speed up that little bit I could just have have to put my brakes on again in 5 seconds in grid lock traffic. The guy behind me might get alittle annoyed but I don't care.
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    I have 2011 5.5 4x4 automatic and driving around looking at houses was getting very irritating. It is hilly here and when we were turning around many times as we passed signs and roads....go up a residential hill to a stop= trans down shifts and wants to go forward or if a do CA stop and go==clunk.

    This may be "normal", but after today I am figuring in my head what my equity is in this truck would be and if there are any deals on a Ford F-150 crew with 4x4. But seems Fords are a bit more pricey and so I would be screwed on the trade.

    I'll do the dealer think this week, just to see if they can do anything or just type the common................."can not duplicate"

    I did a quick search but do any of you now of a fix/recall service bulleton(other than just grease) for this issues? Maybe the GM customer service lady/member on this site?

    Wish we could return cars/trucks like a tool or something at Sears!!!!
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    Are any of you also experiencing a "bump" like someone bumped you form behind when stopped at a light? I had this problem and the "clunk" in my 2008 Sierra.

    There was a TSB for my year regarding this issue - they replaced the slip yolk. You may want to mention this to your service person at the dealership.

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