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    I never mentioned above but I'm sorry if this hurts anyones feelings. I don't shoot animals just for s**** and giggles. I take pride in the ethics I stand by regardless of who's watching. I enjoy being proficient with my killing as to not cause any pain to animals. I was taught as a child to only take game legally, and cleanly. Make sure to pay attention of your surroundings and stay alert. This was a legal and clean kill on a sparrow, just to clarify. Thanks for the views and comments because I do appreciate them.


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    Thank you.

    I had a Navy vet instruct me and a few other young men on survival skills. If I showed him this video he would knock me out. Total waste of resource and life.If your hungry then kill to eat but don't waste food by blowing it up. When you check another thread on strange things I have eaten you will find many things that were very hard to eat but we had idiots shoot anything that moved jusst for fun. We ate everything we killed and used parts of the animal for tools and other uses.
    Shooting a small sparrow with a high powered rifle to just make a movie is for fun and not very sportsman like , no matter what you say.

    "I enjoy being proficient with my killing as to not cause any pain to animals. " You really think that didn't hurt? Let me shoot you the same way and see if it causes you pain. just for the fun of it.
    I was very proficient shooter as a youngster and can still hold my own but I don't shoot defensless creatures just for the sake of fun and a video.
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    Well, I guess that's how we are raised differently. I was taught that its okay to shoot sparrows regardless of caliber. They have no meat value at all so I gave them to the cats. And if you think the bird was hurt, I can't imagine what any other kill is like because very few shots on bigger animals are so quick. Plus, we also shoot animals because its fun. Such as deer, coyotes pheasant. We utilize the meat and pelts but I still call it fun. And are you saying any defenseless creature shouldn't be hunted? Also, how do you rate hog hunts that are filmed in the south where they are just killed because they are a nuisance much like coyotes around here? I'm not trying to start anything or pick a fight with you, I'm just explaining how I was brought up and what my beliefs are. I respect your thoughts and appreciate you sharing them because not everyone will always agree.
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