Hello All. Been a Ford Guy most of my life but as of one year ago I made the big jump so here I am. Have been retired from Law Enforcement for seven months so still going through the adjustment phase. The Wife and I have a 2005 2500HD gasser with the 6.0, CC, 4X4 with the 4:10 rear end. Came out of a 99 Ford V10 and have been very impressed with our Chevy. We pull a 2009 Denali 35' fifth wheel with a dry weight of around 9400 IBS. Not going to break any speed records but the truck does a good job getting us to our destinations. We have a boy in the Coast Guard down in southern Louisiana so we pull the camper there every year for Mardi Gras. The truck did us a great job getting us and the home on wheels there. Have enjoyed reading your forums and look forward to visiting here often. Should mention we are located in Iowa.