No worries, I've had my (more than my share) of breakins. Cops say it's all the meth out there now, tons of people need to score quick cash for their fix ... plus lots of scum that just don't want to work either. Hope they catch them.
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who broke into my truck and stole my pistol in Albany last night. I hope you find yourself in a drug deal turned shoot out and the pistol you stole from me jams and you are shot multiple times in the azz or face or both.

TPSO has my serial #, model # and description of it and of the nice weapon light I put on there and I hope they catch you and kick you in the testicles if you even have any you piece of crap.

PS, you missed a pretty expensive Browning BELGIAN AUTO 5 in the back seat and a nice GPS unit...oh and you missed the spare key to the whole truck in the center conole where you took my pistol from.

Probably not the place to put it but I just gotta get it out...sorry Steve.