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    Default Help? Edge Evolution - Black Screen of Death

    About two years ago I got a edge evolution (not the color screen, the truck. 5.3l LY5 engine ("J" VIN), 4WD extended cab. The thing was great until this morning:

    I started the truck up and had black lines running vertically through the display. Thought, "enh, it's cold" and let it go. Started it up at lunch and screen is black, like the contrast is turned up to 100%. Tried unplugging it from OBD-II to reset. It's still black. Tried plugging it into the computer while holding down the menu button and it's still black. :(

    Edge will "repair" it for $100 plus I have to ship it to them, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. Does anyone know of this problem an does anyone have an idea for a fix?

    Thanks guys, it's annoying to my OCD to have it black, and I'm stuck in Tow/Haul mode which sucks up 91 octane real good, or knocks like a B!+(# with a lower octane.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Some Google playing around later, and it seems like no one has attempted a fix. Given that Edge knows exactly what it is and will fix it within three days, there's got to be a simple fix. I tried checking the OBD-II fuses and stuff last night, on the off chance one was bad. I Attempted a re-program and it acted like it was programming... but I don't know if I set to 1, 4 or 0. It made all the dings and clicks like it re-programmed. That tells me there's some issue with the display...
    And now that I think about it, I remember this line thing coming up one other time, and changing the contrast fixed the problem. That didn't not repair it this time.
    The fact the unit is about 2 years old kind of annoys me. I bought the Edge to monitor extra temps and stuff with all the work in the mountains I was doing at the time. IMHO it shouldn't be "just dead" as Edge put it.
    Lew still has a Diablo tune package on here right... I'm half tempted to tell edge to kiss my harry backside...
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    BornAgainBiker55.....I would just mention, take a Look at the Tunes from Black Bear Performance, as they Offer Several Different Type's of Custom Tunes, from their Mail-Order Tunes, to their In-Person Custom Tunes, and Last to their Live Logging Data Tune's...the AutoCal and EFILive V2 E-Mail Tuning.

    BB's Tuning Services,


    5.3 l 3.73 l G80

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    So last night I hooked the unit up to the computer and performed an update. I plan on parking in the Dealer lot and then trying to plug it in (there in case I need an emergency flash, I don't have to tow the truck) and see if the screen is fixed.

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    That's a good idea. Hope it works out well for you on that.

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    Worked better than I hoped actually. Everything's working normally.
    Here's the steps for posterity (or anyone else that may need to know):
    1.) Get the programmer to stock if you at all can. Even with the screen black, if it still "responds" you can do it. (Instruction Manual Here: I pressed: Menu, Enter (to start programming), Up, Enter (customize stock), Enter a million times to start programming and go through it's warnings and deny a custom program. This will return to stock (level 0)
    2.) Start up your updater software and then plug in the device with the USB cable. If you did step 1 right, there will be no errors. If it's telling you to program to stock first, you did it wrong.
    3.) Perform a full 5 step update through the software. This took me about an hour while I made supper
    4.) Plug the device back in to the truck, it should boot up like normal (with the Evolution splash screen)
    5.) Follow your standard on-screen prompts about liability etc. and it's all set to go.
    6.) Program and change setup like normal. Your first power-program will take a few minutes as it clears it's checksum files and sets up the updated program

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    well, happened again on the way to work. We'll see if this becomes a monthly update thing. Will repeat above tonight and see if it fixes it again
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It did not. Not really anyways. It now has vertical lines of varying shades that change constantly. Sometimes it's almost perfectly clear, sometimes it looks like the picture above. I plan on getting some advice from tech support, but I suspect a bad connection, probably in the cable
    Any one else have any thoughts?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Talked to Edge. They offered to sell me either the CS 85150 or the CTS 85250 at 40% off. That'd be $263 for the CS or $353 for the CTS + $10 for the mount adapter. I was told the CS would fit in my current pod. Has anyone had problems with either of these, or are they happy with them? That's not much more than I'd pay to have the current one repaired...

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    Sent them the broken unit, it was apparently beyond repair. New CS is on it's way to me. Supposedly it will fit in the existing pod. Pics when I get it installed

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    Ok, I promised Pics, but I haven't thought of it when I've been in the truck. Works pretty nice, I like the analog gauges.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20140701_064414_444[1].jpg 
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    Here's the installed unit running. It was pretty helpful last time I put a trailer on it, as you can display 8 different things at once, so I could monitor the truck as I pulled

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