Don't be led into believing that the engine heat is what damages the PMD; they can produce more heat internally than what they are exposed to in the engine compartment. They need to be mounted on a device designed to dissipate heat, and kept where there is constant air flow as long as the truck is running. The Heath kit is drastically overpriced! We actually have a truck at work that "had" his kit on it and had to have the PMD replaced in less than a year. Not worth the high price he charges -- The warranty, that's just so he can replace the PMD without actually having to eat the cost himself -- since you already paid for two PMDs.

The most important things to address are maintenance items like I mentioned before. Don't replace the lift pump with anything that provides more than 9psi of pressure...... The pump is not designed for it and it will either blow out the seals or you can severely damage the injection pump.