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    Question Question about seat belts

    Folks, I'm brand new to your forum, but like what I have read so far. I had a question about seat belts. The weather has finally turned nice down here in Houston, TX, and I want to fix up a few things in Bessie, our 1990 GMC Suburban.
    On the top of the list is the seat belts. Some of them act as though they wouldn't stop you at all in an accident, and I was wondering if anyone knew of some sort of a test to perform on them.

    Also, where do you recommend that I purchase replacements?

    Anyone else have this sort of problem?

    Thanks so much in advance for all your help!
    1990 GMC Suburban 329,000 miles

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    First of all, Welcome Aboard.

    Ahh seat belts. I really don’t remember how we used to check them at the factory, but I do know they are made to lock when the vehicle makes a sudden stop. If you pull them out slowly like you would when putting them on they should work smoothly and not lock up.

    But give them a quick jerk and they will lock.

    Hope that helps.

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    if they look in poor shape toss then and replace them. there should be a date tag on the belts i thin 5 or 10 years is the life expectency of the belt and retractor (many of use go way beond that recomended date without issues, but they make a replacement date for a reason. just like all the rubber under the hood should be replaces each 4 years------how many do that?)
    LMC truck or JC Whittney sells replacement belts
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    Thanks, folks, for your suggestions. I'll bet these are the original seatbelts, and now the Suburban is ~18 years old, so it is time that I replace them. I'll look at J.C. Whitney, thanks again!

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