Hey all....Im not too knowledgable on our rides at the moment....so heres my question.

Today I try to start it up...after about 3-4 attempts it kicks over and starts. Driving this morning on it just fine....then I tried to accelorate and the entire vehicle died. Electronics all shut off, engine stopped. While it was still moving...I shifted into nuetral and tried starting it again. Once I stopped, all electronics came back on...but wouldnt crank over. Started wouldnt engage. My buddy came and picked me up and recommended I get on a Suburban club and ask in a technical forum. After the vehicle died....

Possible alternator not keeping the charge? It was about 40ish degrees this morning and its parked outside.

190k miles
1993 K1500 Suburban

Thanks for the help....I know Im a noob and this being my first post...but I would appreciate any help you guys can suggest.