So last night as i was driving back home from a trip down to my family, (about 360 miles), its about -40 outside, about a hundred miles out from where my truck stopped, i started getting some jerky motions from my truck like it was mis-firing. It stopped after about 20 seconds or so, so i didnt think twice about it. I had just previously fueled up, and started my truck and got back on the road, the sudden jerks happened about 5 minutes after i left that gas station.

Now about, 5 miles outside of the town my truck stopped at, i got the same kind of jerky-ness come back, and i couldnt get my truck to shift into its final gear (its an automatic), so i had to put into the 3rd drive for the last 5 miles, and even still the jerky-ness was intermitten. When i pulled into the gas station and put my truck in park, the ticker for my idle was jumping all over the place, ranging from about 200-700 rpm. After about 30 seconds of that, my truck just died. Tried several times to get it to start, it would run for about 2-5 seconds then die again. After about an hour of that, it wouldnt start at all.

I dropped a few bottles of isoheet into it, as well as a few gallons of gas to mix it up, my tank is probably about 3/8ths full now. I originally thought the fuel line was frozen and the pump wasnt able to pull anything once the truck started. However, the mechanic who looked at it today, says its the fuel pump after he let it warm up in his garage.

Just curious if anybody has any other thoughts or ideas on what the issue might be. Also, the mechanic wants to charge $700 to replace the fuel pump. Is that a decent price? My truck is 2003 1500hd pickup.

Thanks a bunch!