i am having problems with a a chevy g 30 van 1 1on 95' 4.3 l v6 tbi,it is missing while driving and idling.
so far i have repaired a vacum leak,r & r spark plugs,wires,dist. cap,rotar button,air filter,pcv valve and am still having troubles with it.

I have been told to check the fuel pressure,i can rent a gauge from the local auto parts store,can someone tell me how to do this test?
where i hook the gauge up at and the standard steps i need to take?

also on the pcv valve, which way does that face when installed? towards the engine? i pulled it from the drivers side and did not pay attention on the direction it was faceing ,the box that the new one came in said to make sure it is in the right direction,the chevy haynes manual i have shows that it is directed toward the front to the grill,that pic is from a v8 engine don't know if it makes a difference or not since this one is a v6.