Hey guys,

I'm looking at leveling my 2007 Avalanche. I'm looking at going up in the front 2.5" and keeping the stock ride height in the back. I like the look of a leveled truck, and a friend mentioned the benefits of having a more even weight distribution over all four wheels. However, a retailer told me I need a slight rake to take weight off of the rear suspension! Is he right?? I'm confused. Now it doesn't have to be perfectly level, I would be satisfied if it was within less than an inch. Now my truck has 80,000 miles, and I would like to replace/upgrade the shocks and/or struts as well, so a kit that focuses on replacing those rather than spacers or whatever would be preferable. I have been looking at the Rancho Quicklift Loaded up front with 9000XL shocks in the back. I've also looked at Truxx adj leveling kit that seems to be nice. I would like to hear my options, pro's and con's, price etc. Also if i could get packages that include shocks and struts that would be cool. I have a buddy that has a shop to do it at, so difficulty of installation etc. isn't a problem. Let me know what you guys think I should go with.