Hi, I rebuilt my L460E 2 days ago and installed it yesterday. Started it up and all seemed well. Taking it slow, it found reverse and 1st. BUT, it wouldn't go into 2nd until 2900rpm without much throtle. to get it to shift below thisI need to step of the gas and it would sometimes go into 2nd, sometimes not. I took it to a tranny guy and he said to add 2lt more of fluid. I did this one liter at a time. After the first lt, no change. Added the second and still no change, but as I was driving the engine started to lose power so I pulled up at my friends house, put it in park and checked to see if I was losing fluid or not. I wasn't but when I tried to move it again, I had no gears at all. I turned the car off and started it again. I was able to move the truck very slowly to the parking area and but after moving it all was lost again.

I feel that during the rebuild I may or may not have mixed up the springs in the valve body. Would this cause such a problem? I have no codes at all and no engine lamp.

Any ideas???